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The range of Bosch products is truly epic. They design products for the automotive industry and trade, as well as domestic appliances we all know and love, such as irons, vacuum cleaners, fridge freezers and more. As a top, international brand they even create parts for wind turbines; the powertrains driven by the huge rotor blades are manufactured by Bosch.

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Laundry and Cleaning Products

Make washing, drying and ironing clothes less of a chore with our wide range of Bosch irons, washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers. Having won many Which? awards for their high performance and energy efficient home appliances, Bosch laundry products are designed with you in mind. Choose a wash or dry programme which suits your lifestyle, and make ironing effortless with innovative steam technology.

Vacuuming those hard to reach areas is no longer a mammoth task with a Bosch cylinder vacuum cleaner.




Cooking Products

Maximise the space in your kitchen with a stylish Bosch built-in oven and separate hob. Install your smart, integrated oven at eye-level so transferring food is simple and effortless, or go for a built-under oven and place one of these compact appliances under your worktop.

Incorporate a sleek and stylish ultra modern style with Bosch stainless steel microwaves or keep your traditional kitchen charm with classic white designs.

Our Bosch food processors come with a wide selection of attachments to make chopping, grating, shredding and whisking quick and simple. 

Baking is easy as pie when you have a professional stand mixer, and with a convenient Bosch hand blender, whisking, mixing and blending is simple and fun.




Breakfast and Storage Products

Making that essential morning pick me up is easy with our Bosch coffee makers. If tea is more your style, be sure to check out our wide range of kettles. Make toast in style with a Bosch Styline toaster and with our fridge freezers, you can store enough chilled and frozen food to feed any hungry family.




We’ve handpicked some of the best products in the Bosch range so you can be sure you’re buying a top product that’s built to last. Get in touch with our friendly team or pop into our store in Settle, North Yorkshire.