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Polti was established in 1978 by Italian Franco Polti. He realised the potential that there was for a boiler iron that performed like a professional iron, but  was small  and simple enough for home use.


Polti Steam Cleaners

Since then, the company has expanded into producing high quality steam cleaners that can be used easily around the home. Not just limited to floors, these steam cleaners can be used on upholstery, bathrooms, kitchens, and can even  strip wallpaper. The launch of the Lecoaspira introduced the combination of steam and vacuuming to faithful Polti followers.

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Anything that is environmentally friendly is always a winner with us, and Polti steam cleaners tick that box. The powerful steam technology means that bacteria, dust mites and fungi are killed without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. This will also save you money in the long run – all you really need is water and Kalstop. Gone are the days of having a cupboard full of cleaning products under your kitchen sink.


Polti Vacuum Cleaners

Polti high efficiency vacuum cleaners come in wide range of vibrant colours, including fresh green and hot pink. The cylinder vacuums feature a range of accessories designed to make cleaning easier. Washable filters also prevent impurities, pollens and dust mites.  


Polti have combined their efficient and reliable vacuum and steam cleaners into one device. Vaporetto Lecospira steam and vacuum systems are extremely practical and perfect for eliminating dirt and limescale. 


Polti Irons

Polti specialise in creating boiler steam irons. Models such as the Vaporella Forever 700 Steam Generator Iron use pressure and jet steam, enabling you to smooth out tough creases quickly and easily.


Polti ironing boards such as the Stira Aspira systems have powerful suction features. This anchors fabrics to the board stopping any wrinkles from forming.   



Take a look through our Polti products today and add a touch of steam to your cleaning.