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PURE is a UK company that produces a range of digital and internet portable radios for your home, garden, car, or on the go. As well as this, the top brand offer speakers, adaptors and digital TV recorders to improve your home technology. Mixing quality, performance and ease of use with the latest innovative features, the outcome is brilliant audio.

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PURE Portable Radio

PURE's EVOKE-1S is the best selling digital radio in the world and has won the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision's 'Best Portable DAB Radio’ award.


We supply a wide range of PURE portable radios that are perfect for listening to your favourite radio station anywhere you like.


Fun, quirky and retro designs include the PURE Evoke Marshall Portable DAB digital and portable radio. This model also features an auxiliary output for your iPod or MiniDisc player.


As an award winning radio, the PURE Evoke Marshall has an easy to use kitchen timer and optional stereo speaker. It’s also light and compact, which means you can take it to work and on weekend breaks. The handy alarm feature is perfect for waking up to your favourite tunes.


Like many PURE radios, the Evoke Marshall is ChargePAK ready. This gives you up to 20 hours of portable listening between changes.


The PURE Evoke Mio portable radio is ideal for listening to your favourite station on the go. The compact model looks and sounds fantastic, and comes in a wide range of bright, funky colours. It also has a smart two-tone leather effect finish, an output for an iPod or MP3 player, and is ChargePAK ready for hours of portable listening.



PURE Portable Internet Radios

PURE Sensia Portable DAB/FM radios have an eye-catching, futuristic design and are available in yellow, black and red. The revolutionary Sensia design is a must have gadget with incredible features.


Touch screen technology will give you clear control over what you listen to. Access as much downloadable content as you like with the built-in podcasting feature. You can also combine this with media streaming, meaning you can have your entire music library anywhere in the house.



Wireless Speaker Systems

Listen to music through a high quality, convenient sound system with our PURE speakers. Connect your Hi-Fi or mobile device via a co-axial, optical digital or dual analogue connector. With the handy Bluetooth function you can stream music from your mobile phone or MP3 player, so listening to your favourite songs is easier than ever.



TV Recorders

The PURE Avalon Freeview and Digital HD TV recorder is perfect for recording all your favourite films and programmes. With dual tuners, you can watch one channel whilst recording another, or record two programmes simultaneously when you’re out and about.


Record up to 600 hours of SD video or 250 hours of HD video. With the built-in WiFi system, you can also access a wide range of great TV shows on demand. Schedule programmes to record quickly and pause or rewind live TV for up to two hours.



For more information on improving home entertainment with our fantastic PURE products, give us a call today.