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Cooker Hoods

Cooker Hoods


When it comes to designing your kitchen, cooker hoods are not a priority for some people. However, inadequate ventilation when cooking can seriously damage your decor. Grease build up stains paint and makes cleaning tiles, cupboards, worktops and appliances much harder. As well as grease, cooking can cause moisture build up and odours which travel throughout your home. To make life easier and your home a much nicer environment, cooker hoods are a necessity.

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Choosing Your Cooker Hood

Island Style:


As with all our appliances, we only stock top brand products to ensure you’re adding the perfect touch to your home. Ideal for modern kitchens, why not take a look at our Smeg island cooker hoods? The stainless steel and glass designs give your kitchen a sleek finish and the high performance motor is great for optimum steam removal. Halogen bulbs make it easy to see your delicious dishes, while dishwasher safe parts make cleaning your cooker hood an effortless task.


Perfect if you have a hob in the middle of your kitchen, island cooker hoods can be suspended from the ceiling.


Chimney Style:


Smeg have also designed a range of chimney cooker hoods. Great for both traditional and modern style kitchens, chimney models can be installed on most walls and have high performance motors with variable speeds. Smeg chimney cooker hoods are specifically designed to enhance the attractiveness of your kitchen. With quick and easy to use operation, finding the right setting to suit your needs is easy.





Integrated cooker hoods can be installed into the cabinet above your hob and are cleverly hidden behind a panel or door. This means you can choose virtually any style without worrying about it matching your kitchen design.


We have many Bosch built-in cooker hoods with a stylish brushed steel finish. Alter the atmosphere of your kitchen with fluorescent mood lights. Our built-in cooker hoods are quick and easy to install and suit both modern and traditional decors.



Telescopic and Canopy Style:


To save space in your kitchen, canopy and telescopic cooker hoods are the ideal solution. The pull out canopy means the cooker hood is only visible when in use. Removing all cooking odours, Bosch telescopic designs automatically run for ten minutes after you’ve finished using your cooker before switching itself off.




For more information on choosing the right cooker hood for your kitchen, get in touch with our expert team today.