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The television is an essential gadget for all homes, and we offer a wide range of models to suit every lounge, bedroom and games room. Many of our digital televisions have built-in Freeview, so you won’t need to buy a separate Sky, Cable or Digibox.

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Flat Screen Televisions

Box televisions are a thing of the past; these days, it’s all about sleek flat screen televisions which you can mount to the wall or place on a specialist stand. Smart flat screen televisions come with many handy features, including motion and voice control, touch screen technology, internet access and apps.  

Flat screen televisions are easier to clean and take up much less space than box televisions. Choose from a wide range of sizes and find a model to suit your home.  



LCD Televisions


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are incredibly slim and known for their excellent performance under ambient light conditions. A brightly lit room will not affect the superb picture quality, so you can watch crystal clear movies and programmes without having to sit in darkness.


Our LG 22 inch LCD television has amazing picture quality, making you a part of what you’re watching. Advanced light technology reduces eye strain allowing you to enjoy top quality viewing and healthier eyes. Many of LG’s televisions are Eco friendly and this model is no exception - energy efficient TVs let you experience hours of viewing without breaking the bank.



3D Televisions

3D films, sport and entertainment programmes are becoming increasingly popular, so why not enjoy them from the comfort of your own home with a 3D television?

Our Sharp Quattron 40 inch 3D television has built-in Freeview, internet access featuring Skype and a USB time shift function allowing you to view live broadcasts that have been recorded onto a USB device. Enjoy a cinematic experience, day in, day out and complete the set with Sharp rechargeable 3D glasses.