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iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot 555

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Product Description

This wireless robot will vacuum three rooms in your house on one battery charge, automatically. It will navigate the room whilst cleaning the walls and floor then find its own way back to recharge all while avoiding tangles in wires.

The Roomba will automatically clean a whole room, making sure it has vacuumed everywhere it can possibly reach. In order to collect and increased amount of dust and debris it features faster counter-rotating brushes.It features a Spot Clean mode to quickly clean up concentrated spills of dirt and is easy to use, just press the clean button and go. It even features side brushes to clean the walls, saving you from doing another job!

The wireless Roomba works to your schedule, as you can decide seven cleaning times per week meaning that hovering can be the last thing on your mind. With a short 3 hour charging time the Roomba can also calculate the most dirt filled area and ensures they are cleaned to the same level as the rest of the room. The compact vacuum can also reach under furniture to guarantee a dust free carpet all round. Although it is not just restricted to carpet, it can cover a variety of surface with ease, seamlessly switching between carpet, rugs, kitchen tiles, and hard wood all while avoiding the tangles of wires and tassels.

Designed not to go in straight lines, the Roomba follows random lines and can be set in 3 modes; spiral mode, where the Roomba spirals outwards to cover a large area; wall follow mode, where the Roomba follows the perimeter of the room cleaning the edges as well as the floor; criss cross mode, the Roomba randomly cleans open spaces covering the same spot multiple times.

The iRobot roomba is a genius development to vacuuming, destining to save you time and effort and is highly recommend by Go-Electrical.