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Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers


Fridge freezers are great for maximising your floor space and adding a stylish touch to your kitchen. People with limited space can take a look at our convenient under counter fridge freezers. Designed by refrigeration experts Lec, our handpicked T50082W model features a large 63 litre fridge, and 28 litre four star freezer. 

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Tall Fridge Freezers


As tall models are the most popular style of fridge freezer, we have many top brand models on offer. Like all electrical appliances, you want something that’s reliable, built to last and doesn’t take hours to maintain. With a Lec frost free fridge freezer, you don’t have to worry about defrosting your freezer compartment. The tall model is also slimmer than most designs, so it’s ideal for different kitchen layouts. The handy bottle shelf will ensure your fizzy drinks and wine are kept neat and tidy, while the A+ energy rating will keep your energy bills low.




Our Bosch Exxcel upright fridge freezers are available in traditional white, super stylish black, and cool as cucumber chrome. The specialist magnetic seals make this model incredibly easy to keep clean, and the MultiAirFlow system improves airflow to maintain a constant temperature throughout the fridge. The ‘NoFrost’ feature also prevents ice build up, while the ‘SuperFreeze’ function ensures any fresh food is frozen quickly.





Those looking for a luxury fridge freezer may be interested in our Sharp range. These innovative designs feature dual swing doors so you can open the fridge from either direction. Modern LED lighting ensures the fridge is fully lit up, even when full. Eliminating the build up of air born mould, Sharp fridge freezers feature plasmacluster ion systems, ensuring food stays fresh for longer.


The A++ energy rating means you can keep this appliance switched on permanently without worrying about how much electricity you’re using. The freezer is also frost free and has an 89 litre capacity, so keeping your freezer stocked up for several months is easy.


Our innovative Sharp fridge freezers are available in stylish champagne silver, and titanium shades.



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