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The kettle is the most used kitchen appliance in most households. It gets switched on first thing in the morning and is on duty throughout most of the day, right through to that last cup of tea or hot chocolate in the evening. A kettle needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as it’s on constant display and in constant use. Our extensive range of kettles includes a wide selection of sizes, designs and colours. 


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If you want more freedom from your kettle and the ability to move it around the kitchen, why not take a look at our range of cordless kettles? Models such as the Dualit Axis Dome and Axis Jug combine the top design elements of Dualit appliances, along with reliability and bags of style.


For a sleek, uncluttered design and proven excellence, the Magimix Kettle is the perfect option and looks stylish in any kitchen. Alessi is known for its cutting edge and instantly recognisable design and its kettles are no exception. The Alessi Michael Graves Kettle is a gorgeous statement appliance, whilst the new Alessi Hot It Electric Kettle has a classic shape. When it comes to kettles, we offer endless choice for every requirement.



Stove and Jug Kettles


Bosch have designed a compact, modern, cordless jug kettle with a chic design and high quality technology. With the Bosch Styline you can adjust the water temperature to suit your needs, perfect for a cup of hot water with lemon and herbal teas. 


Le Creuset traditional stove kettles are available in several colours to match your cooker or kitchen. The stove top kettle is suitable for all heat sources, including ceramic and induction hobs, and AGA. The 2.1 litre capacity makes this kettle perfect for large families.


Why not combine both modern and traditional styles with the Cuisinart Perfectemp Dome kettle? A wide range of temperature settings will ensure you make that perfect brew every time. The Cuisinart kettle is suitable for all gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, radiant and induction hobs. It can also be used on ranges fired by gas, oil, coal and wood.