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A toaster might be an essential kitchen gadget but that doesn’t mean you should rush into choosing one. These days, toasters do so much more than simply cook a few slices of bread. And there’s no need to settle for a standard silver metal box toaster. -  We offer  a wide variety of designs, styles and colours, so you can select a model that matches your kitchen.

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A toaster is usually on display all the time, so why not choose a design that complements your workspace and acts as a feature, as well as a necessary day-to-day utensil? We offer a fantastic range of electric toasters, including DeLonghi, Magimix and Bosch. If you’re looking for a mint green or petal pink design to add a splash of colour to your kitchen, then check out our range of Dualit Combi toasters. These models can toast three pieces of bread at a time and have individual controls for each slice. Large families might prefer the Dualit 6 Slice Vario, which is also available in a range of bright finishes. Whatever you’re looking for from your next toaster, you’re sure to find it here.



Conveyor Toaster


Our conveyor toasters are perfect for all commercial kitchens. The Dualit stainless steel model can cook 360 slices of bread per half hour, churning out one piece of toast every 10 seconds. Dualit have designed their conveyor toaster with a cool touch exterior, ensuring the highest possible safety standards.



4 Slice Toaster


4 slice toasters are ideal for all kitchens. The KitchenAid Artisan 4 slice toaster in empire red has two independent compartments with their own controls, toast levels and on/off switches. Perfect for those fussy eaters who like their toast cooked in a certain way.


Why not jazz up your kitchen with the Dualit Emma Bridgewater polka dot 4 slice toaster? This iconic, retro styled model has an award winning design and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. The Emma Bridgewater toaster is also hardworking, robust and energy efficient.



Our Toaster Range Includes:


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