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Bedside Radio CD and Docking Radio 

The introduction of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radios has meant that listeners now have access to a much wider range of stations than they did with FM and long wave.  Many of these stations are aimed at specialist audiences who like listening to a certain genre of music such as jazz, rock, classical and pop. There are also a wide range of music channels with dedicated radio stations, such as MTV, Kiss, Magic and Kerrrang!

We offer a wide range of radios to suit your needs. Personal radios are perfect for those who are always on the go, whilst portable music systems are ideal for listening to your favourite beats any time, any place.

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Roberts RD60 Revival DAB Digital Radio

Roberts Revival DAB Digital Radio RD60

Regular Price: £160.00

Special Price: £149.00

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Alarm Clock Radios

These days, alarm clock radios come in many different shapes and sizes, and we supply a variety of models to suit your home and personality.

The PURE Twilight Bedside DAB Clock Radio includes an energy efficient LED lamp with flexible lighting options. This is ideal to use as a nightlight, reading lamp or mood lighting. Calming built-in sounds and lullabies are great for ensuring you have the perfect night’s sleep. Alarm tones, radio stations and the dawn stimulation light will help you wake up with a spring in your step.

The Roberts Dream DAB clock radio includes a docking system so you can wake up to tunes from your iPod or iPhone. Adjustable sleep and snooze timers are ideal for those who aren’t quite ready to get up.


Music Systems

Unsure whether you need a docking system, portable, clock or internet radio? Why not go for it all and choose one of our top brand music systems?

The Roberts Sound MP43 DAB Radio Hifi music system is a compact model available in 3 smart colours. The high quality sound use all the modern technology expected of a DAB radio. There are easy to use touch panel controls, and with 20 station presets and an iPod dock, the Roberts Sound is the perfect music system for any home.


Internet Radio

Internet radios stream music direct from the internet. Unlike podcasting, which involves downloading music, internet radios provide a continuous stream of live audio. 

Girly girls will love our pink Q2 box internet radio which can be tilted and rolled over to alter the station, volume and power. The Q2 comes in many different bright colours and is ideal for children as there are no complicated buttons or knobs to use.