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Magimix Winters Offers

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Magimix are running a great offer across their toasters and food processors this Spring. Buy a Magimix Food Processors and you’ll get 2 free discs of your choice and a dust cover. Or buy a long slot or 2 slice toaster and get £25 cashback.

Make your purchase between 17th October 2009 and 31st December 2009, then download the claim form from the Customer Service section of our website here and send it back to Magimix with a copy of your receipt (which we’ll send you by email).

Simply click any of the products below to visit the Go-Electrical website and find out more.

3200 available in Satin, White and Chrome

3200 processor


4200 food processor


5200 food processor


11523 long slot toaster

115032 2 slice toaster

115032 2 slice toaster

11535 long slice toaster

11535 long slice toaster

11515 2 slice toaster

11515 2 slice toaster

11536 long slot toaster

11536 long slot toaster

11516 2 slice toaster

11516 2 slice toaster

11521 long slot toaster

11521 long slot toaster

11501 2 slice toaster

11501 2 slice toaster

11524 long slot toaster

11524 long slot toaster

11504 2 slice toaster

11504 2 slice toaster

Gadget Show Rates Roberts DAB

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

20080913093133-ecologic_1_blackIf you’re a fan of The Gadget Show then chances are you spotted the DAB digital radio feature. The show is legendary for its rigorous testing criteria for various electrical appliances and the DAB radio segment was no exception. After checking credentials such as sound quality, looks and extra features, the collection of radios was whittled down to the top five. The Roberts Ecologic Eco-1 was one of the radios that made the grade, and for very good reasons.

The Roberts brand is well known so the quality of its products almost goes without saying. However, this particular radio also has the added bonus of being extremely portable, making it the ideal choice for taking on holiday, or just for moving around the house to different rooms. And the name is a bit of a giveaway when it comes to its green credentials. The Ecologic has a built-in battery charger, which means you don’t have to rely on buying new batteries and disposing of old ones – you can simply recharge. So, there you have it, the Ecologic Eco-1 gets a thumbs up from The Gadget Show and from us at Go Electrical!

Think Ahead for Christmas, Buy Someone a Bosch Tassimo

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

bosch_tas6515Okay, so it might be a little early to be thinking about Christmas but those months will fly by and if you’re not prepared you’ll have to hit the shops with the hoards in December. So, why not think ahead and start buying your presents now? There’s currently a great offer on at Go Electrical for one of the new range of Bosch Tassimo coffee makers. Whilst the original machine was pretty well-equipped in terms of features, the latest Tassimo is even more jam packed with buttons and gizmos that will get your hot drinks prepared in no time at all.

The new model comes with Brita water filter technology, as well as cup stand illumination and quiet brew technology and all at a special sale price. Of course, the great features that made this unit a hit in the first place are still there. It can brew a range of hot drinks that includes coffee varieties that would make most café owners jealous. In fact, at the touch of a button you can have any hot drink you fancy and the affordable price tag means you’ll end up paying far less than in a fancy café. The Tassimo range comes in a variety of colours and this coffee machine can sit proudly on display in your kitchen, as the styling is superb. And, if you can’t think of anyone to buy it for this Christmas, put it on your own Christmas list!

Steam Cleaning Products

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Once you’ve bought your steam cleaner you’ll probably want to get a few accessories as well. Most steam cleaners that we sell come with a selection of accessories but there’s lots more around if you need to use your cleaner for more than just carpet cleaning. The Polti Vaporetto has an enormous selection of extra products that can really help you to give your home a truly professional clean without the professional costs usually associated with such a high quality finish.

You can buy everything from a holdall for your steam cleaner, to an attachment that transforms your steam cleaner into a wallpaper stripper. So, you can go from carpet cleaner to decorator in the time it takes to change an attachment. The issue that some people have with steam cleaners is failing to realise the great potential of this appliance. If you choose the Vaporetto 2400, there are so many other things that you can do with your steam cleaner that, pretty soon, it’s going to become an essential piece of house maintenance kit. Bet you never thought you could clean windows with your steam cleaner? Well, you can with the Polti Accessories Window Cleaning Set. In fact, the Vaporetto 2400 is so versatile that it can perform countless jobs all around the house.

Perfect Espresso with Nespresso

Friday, October 9th, 2009

newspressoblueIf you need a hit of caffeine to get you going in the morning then you probably spend a good deal of money in cafes and coffee bars. But why not save time and money and make your own coffee? The Magimix Nespresso N100 Essenza has been specially designed with the Nespresso coffee capsules in mind. This eye catching machine is neat enough to fit on a work surface without hogging all the space but stylish enough to take pride of place. With just a couple of pushes of a button you can be enjoying freshly brewed espresso in the comfort of your own kitchen.

It’s so quick and simple to use that you’re guaranteed a perfect espresso every time. The compact brewing unit fits snugly on top and the machine is available in a number of colours so you can coordinate it with your kitchen. Nothing quite beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the Essenza offers an affordable indulgence that you can enjoy every day of the week. It works with all 12 Nespresso varieties and even has a drip tray and an auto eject for the used capsules.

If you’re a coffee lover with an eye for style then this is definitely the coffee machine for you. Go on, treat yourself.

Dualit Lattecino

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

20091003090231-latteccino-creamLove your cappuccino and latte, often the messiest bit is the milk frothing. Well Dualit have the solution and this could be the ideal Christmas present for a coffee lover, the Dualit Latteccino.

It looks like a small kettle but froths and heats milk at the touch of a button, perfect for frothy cappuccinos, milky lattes and hot chocolates. Hot milk and frothy milk in 70 seconds.

It is a double walled vessel with a non-stick coating, making it easy to keep clean.

Currently only available in Cream, the Latteccino is due into stock next week but you can pre-purchase now or register your interest by email us at

New Pure Digital Sensia

Monday, October 5th, 2009

sensiaPure Digital have just launched the new Sensia and we’re really excited about it.  Not just an Internet Radio this one’s connected to the Internet allowing you all the benefits of live streaming and downloading of the web. Access The Pure Lounge and you’ll find around 12,000 internet stations and podcasts using Flow technology as well as custom Pure ‘Apps’ such as weather, news, Picasa, Facebook or Twitter. The Sensia comes wifi ready.

The Sensia has a lovely, elegant elliptical shape and no external controls, instead it features a large 5.7 inch touchscreen to access all the radio’s controls.

It feels like the Sensia has been inspired by Apple’s iPhone with the intuitive swipe and browse interface.

There’s no Pod dock, but there is a 3.5mm input to connect external devices like iPod’s so you’ll be able to benefit from the Sensia’s 3D built in sound system.

Lastly it’s fully portable as it comes with a ChargePAK giving you 10 hours of play time.

Available in four colours, Yellow, Red, Black and White, you can see the Pure Digital Sensia on our store.