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  1. March 25, 2010

    The Roberts Robi


    Every time a new piece of technology comes along, we think this must be it – how much further can we go? However, it seems that there’s no limit to the amount of gadgets that come on the market and their instant appeal. It’s not just technology and gadget fans that rush to purchase new bits of kit. DAB radios are just one piece of technology that seem to be finding their way into an increasing number of households – even those that don’t have a computer. So it seems that the benefits of technology are indeed for everyone. However, it should also come as no surprise that Roberts

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  2. March 18, 2010


    Britannia - "Taste is everything", that rings so true with each and every one of their products. From the entry level E-Line range right the way up to their fantastic benchmark Sigma range. One of the few manufacturers to develop a range of colours with the usual cream, black and stainless steel complimented by a candy pink, ice blue, velvet red and pure white

    Everything made by Britannia is well built and ready to help you cook some fantastic meals with their huge range of functions.

    In addition the different hob options are a delight allowing you to truly accessorise your cooker and get in tune with your cooking needs.

    Britannia Range Cookers

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  3. March 17, 2010

    Save Money in the Credit Crunch – Make your Own Coffee

    As the credit crunch lumbers on, we’re all trying to make savings and cut costs in our everyday lives. Whilst it’s good to trim the corners on spending, life would be pretty depressing without at least a few treats and luxuries. However, freshly brewed coffee needn’t be taken out of the picture just because times are a little hard at the moment.


    As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to “speculate to accumulate” and investing in a coffee machine can actually save you money. If you’re used to forking out a couple of pounds for a coffee every day

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  4. March 10, 2010

    Roberts DAB – Classic Design, Great Quality


    The Roberts name is synonymous with quality but also with innovation. The company is constantly coming up with new technologies to ensure that its products are top-of-the-range in the DAB digital radio marketplace.

    With DAB radios becoming commonplace in the home, Roberts has responded to customer needs by ensuring that their range includes radios for every room and every possible requirement. For example, the Roberts Glow Time radio is ideal for a bedside clock radio and its many features make it instantly indispensable. Then,

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