Monthly Archives: April 2010

  1. April 30, 2010

    New Dualit Lite Toaster

    At long last Dualit have got round to releasing a red version of their highly successful 2 slice lite series. Featuring all the functions that have made the black and cream immensely succesful you can gurantee some brilliant toast.

    Peek and Pop, bagel function and defrost all come as standard giving you a fantastic morning snack.

    Following Dualit's trend of putting the Lite toaster in high gloss finish the 26201 is no exception it

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  2. April 30, 2010

    Pure Move Review

    The Pure move has sold exceptionally well over the last year or so and with summer coming a time where portable radios are very popular for sitting out in the garden or in the park with I thought I would take a look and see what all the fuss was about.

    Pictures I had already seen did make the Move look a little dated but that conception was well and truly gone after opening the box. In a smooth brushed metal effect fascia it looks superb the pictures on the internet do not do it justice,

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  3. April 30, 2010

    Kitchenaid Spring Promotion

    Following Magimix's decision to offer £25 cash back on toasters last week Kitchenaid are bringing out their spring offers. Currently they are offering a 6 piece utensil kit worth £60 absolutely free with every Artisan Stand Mixer bought between 12th April and 31st May.

    The 6 piece utensil set in red includes a utility whisk, can opener, peeler, grater and ice cream scoop ideal for all your kitchen  needs.

    All you need to do is download the form here and send it off!

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  4. April 28, 2010

    Product Of The Week

    This is the first and hopefully of many Editor's product of the week and to start of it is an old favourite the Dualit Lite 4 slot toaster!

    Released late last year in addition the rest of the highly successful 4 and 2 slice range. The first major difference you will now notice is the fact it has 4 individual slots instead of 2 big slots. Personally I much prefer this as it does look a lot nicer and a lot better when sat on your counter.

    Like all the other Lite toasters it has Peek and Pop function which is a welcome addition, basically it allows for you to bring up your toast to see if it's done without disturbing your current programme and avoiding burnt toast.

    A new bagel function is a great addition meaning perfect bagels in the morning,

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  5. April 26, 2010

    Choosing your DAB Digital Radio

    With so many brands and designs on the market it can be a bit confusing when it comes to deciding which DAB digital radio to buy. If you’re not especially tech savvy then the choice can be overwhelming but there are a few easy ways to narrow down your choices and to pick out the radio that best suits your needs.

    Obviously, you might have budget constraints and this is good way to begin your search, by eliminating anything that’s beyond your budget. However, if your budget is a little more flexible then it comes down to choosing the features that you think are most relevant to you.

    Battery or Mains?
    If your radio is going to be kept in pretty much the same place and there’s no need for it to work from battery power then you can stick to mains-only radios. The Roberts Glow Time CRD51 is an excellent choice in this category and would make

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  6. April 22, 2010

    The Benefits of a Steam Cleaner

    With steam cleaners now available at such affordable prices, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of owning their own. There are so many advantages to being able to take out your own cleaner at the drop of a hat, rather than waiting for a professional company to fit you into their schedule. Steam cleaners don’t generally take up much more room than a vacuum cleaner and they’re a great way to ensure carpets get a really thorough clean, helping to eliminate mites and dirt. With allergies coming to the fore and everyone more aware of the importance of keeping their carpets and upholstery in tip-top condition, a steam cleaner is a great gadget to help ensure your house is as clean as possible.

    If you own a pet then chances are you find your carpets and sofas doused with a regular layer of pet hair and, whilst regular vacuum

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  7. April 15, 2010

    Top Polti Cleaning Tips

    If you own a Polti Steam Cleaner you'll most likely have chosen it for its superior cleaning power. We've got a few insider tips to help you get the best from your cleaner.

    If you haven't already read it then check out our 'Looking after your cleaner tips'.

    Tip 1 - Efficient Carpet Cleaning
    When cleaning carpets use the steam in one direction, then go over it in both directions to remove the dirt from the surface.

    Tip 2 - Combat Allergies with Polti
    Steam the air in your home by simply releasing steam into the room. By steaming the air you can reduce allergens and pollen by 86%. Be sure to vacuum up the particles after, as the dust & allergen particles settle on to the floor.

    Good for people suffering from asthma or hay fever.

    The small upholstery nozzle can be used on mattresses to reduce dust bites and

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  8. April 15, 2010

    Top Tips For Looking After Your Polti Cleaner

    polti logoPolti steam cleaners offer superior cleaning results using a super heated steam system. The steam is heated to 120C*, which means it is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.  And because they only use water Polti steam cleaners are cheap and efficient to run. To keep your Polti steam cleaner running efficiently we've got some top tips

    Tip 1 – Use Kalstop

    Polti cleaners are really easy to use and look after, the only thing you should regularly add to the water is Kalstop. Kalstop helps to reduce the build up of limescale by leaving a protective seal around the boiler and accessories which helps steam flow better and keeps appliances

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  9. April 15, 2010

    Get Clean with the Polti Easy Steam


    Steam cleaners can perform many tasks around the home from cleaning carpets to upholstery. Depending on what you want yours for and how much you’re able to spend, you have a number of choices when it comes to choosing the best steam cleaner for you.

    If you’re looking for a good quality steam cleaner that can be stacked away neatly in a cupboard then look no further than the Polti Vaporetto Easy Steam Cleaner. This entry-level model comes in a variety of cool colours and it’s the very latest addition to the Polti range. It’s extremely compact, yet manages to incorporate

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  10. April 10, 2010

    £25 Cashback on Magimix Toasters

    Toast is the perfect snack morning, noon or night whether you're rushing out in the morning or curling up in the evening a good piece of toast is a must!

    Make sure your toast is how you want with a Magimix toaster who now offer a £25 cashback on red, black, cream and metal toasters.

    All you have to do is buy the toaster, download the form, fill it in and send it off!

    Just make sure you have it in by June 30th!

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