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  1. April 07, 2010

    Crikey, its Krups

    The Krups coffee grinder is an iconic piece of kitchen equipment, which now seems to have made it into the chef’s cupboard as well, as it can be used to grind spices as well as coffee beans. Anyway, Krups have developed a coffee maker that works specifically with the hugely popular Nespresso capsules and they’ve done it in style. The Krups Nespresso Essenza is a beautiful looking machine that has been pared down to the basics in order to minimise size and make it suitable for any sized kitchen.

    Having said that, the size hasn’t in any way impeded the functions or the quality of the coffee that it produces. The machine incorporates Krups thermoblock technology, which means that the perfect espresso can be in your hands in just a minute. The machine uses water at the optimum temperature to create the best drink and there is reduced scaling. Other handy features include

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  2. April 04, 2010

    Steam Cleaning Products

    Once you’ve bought your steam cleaner you’ll probably want to get a few accessories as well. Most steam cleaners that we sell come with a selection of accessories but there’s lots more around if you need to use your cleaner for more than just carpet cleaning. The Polti Vaporetto has an enormous selection of extra products that can really help you to give your home a truly professional clean without the professional costs usually associated with such a high quality finish.

    You can buy everything from a holdall for your steam cleaner, to an attachment that transforms your steam cleaner into a wallpaper stripper. So, you can go from carpet cleaner to decorator in the time it takes to change an attachment. The issue that some people have with steam cleaners is failing to realise the great potential of this appliance. If you choose the Vaporetto

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  3. April 01, 2010

    The Steam Cleaning Revolution

    If you’re looking for great design combined with awesome functionality then you take a look at the Bissell 7700E. This professional standard steam cleaner also doubles up as a regular vacuum cleaner and it’s this winning combination that has made this an instant success in the marketplace.

    Bissell is hardly new to the world of carpet cleaning. With an incredible 130 years experience in the trade, you’d think they’d know a thing or two about the best way to clean your carpet and its seems that they’ve come up trumps with the 7700E. Its futuristic styling hides a number of fantastic features that make this the king of the steam

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  4. April 01, 2010

    Dualit Spring Collection

    It's spring time that lovely time of year with lighter evenings, better weather summer is close and the winter blues are starting to go to make it even better Dualit have released a new spring collection with all the qualities of a designer brand.

    Boasting all the same specifications as other models in their ranges (2 slice NewGen, 4 slice NewGen, 6 slice Vario and 3 slice vario); hand painted finish, multi slot control, cast aluminium build and that all important bagel function for sumptuous morning bagels, ideal for getting you in a good mood for the rest of the day. They build on what has made us love Dualit toasters and in style; coming in a vibrant chilli pink, azure blue, citrus yellow, lime green and cobble grey there is something for everyone even if in their already expansive range hasn't got something to your liking.

    I have to say my personal favourite is the citrus yellow it is truly funky, looks fantastic and who else has a bright yellow toaster.

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