Monthly Archives: May 2010

  1. May 12, 2010

    Product Of The Week

    With the World Cup in South Africa kicking off in less than a months time and HD TV really becoming a standard for viewing I've been playing Humax's offering for viewing HD content  via Freesat the FOXSAT system.

    As a subscription free view way to view HD and record it cannot be faulted! A twin tuner allows you to record and watch upto 2 channels simultaneously and then store them on the 320gb hard drive which allows about 200 hours of standard definition and 100 hours of high definition recording which is plenty.


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  2. May 12, 2010

    BDI Office Furniture

    After a fairly quiet year for BDI they are back with a new range of office furniture. Designed to be sit as pride of place in your office they are amazing crafted from top quality wood and all items in 3 different finishes you are certain to find a fantastic combination for your office.

    Starting with a simple CPU case which will hide the ugliest of computer towers and going up to a full

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  3. May 10, 2010

    Dyson Fan


    The new Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is very different from a conventional fan; it has no blades and this means that there is an uninterrupted stream of smooth air produced instead of, as the Dyson scientists call it - 'buffeting'. This means it is a lot quieter than a normal fan. The design of the fan is very smooth and because of the lack of blades it is exceptionally easy to keep clean, also you instinctively want to put your arm inside the ring when it is switched on.

    Despite the technology being so advanced, it is not difficult

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  4. May 06, 2010

    Dualit 2 Slice Toaster Review

    Here it is the debut Go-Electrical video review the first of hopefully many more to come!

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  5. May 05, 2010

    Product of the week

    You may have already seen our recent blogs on Roberts new Revival range, How to choose your radio and how great Roberts radios are so continuuing with the radio theme our product of the week is the Pure Sensia.

    Released late last year the Sensia has really made quite an impact combining a WiFi, DAB and FM radio, iPod dock and a capactative 2.5 inch touch screen a real first for a

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  6. May 04, 2010

    Rewind with a Roberts


    Whilst we’ve all come to love the freedom that DAB radios provide in terms of the channel choice and ease of navigation, there are plenty of other features that are on board many Roberts DAB digital sets. For example, did you know that the Roberts Gemini RD31 lets you stop live radio for up to 40 minutes? This is a great feature, which means you can take a break for a phone call or lunch then get back to your programme when it suits you. This is just one of the many excellent features of this highly rated portable

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  7. May 01, 2010

    World Cup Specials From Pure

    Stuck at work, out and about, unable to get to a TV or even better South Africa while the World Cup is on? Why not listen to it in glourious digital quality with Pure's range of portable DAB radios!

    The PocketDAB is an old Pure favourite it's small, simple design is ideal for whilst out running and the reception is fantastic it is rare you will have to switch to FM. Another extra is the high quality Sennheisser headphones for a really crisp, sharp sound, finally to celebrate Pure are giving away a free

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