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Polti Vaporetto 2400

Friday, June 25th, 2010


At Go-Electrical we sell a great range of Polti products, and they are very popular with our customers because of our brilliant prices and Polti’s reputation of being the steam cleaning kings. Water becomes steam when heated to 97°C, only when heated to 120° or more under high pressure will water produce “neutral” steam that penetrates dirt in the form of a gas rather than a liquid. It is this deep cleaning steam that eliminates bacteria, germs and dust mites.

We are currently offering the Vaporetto 2400 steam cleaner, a pack of small socks and a pack of large cloths for only £219.90!

Polti’s Vaporetto 2400 is the ideal steam cleaner for any home, with a 1500W motor and a 3.3 litre capacity stainless steel boiler. The 2400 not only performs well but looks good too- it comes in a lovely deep red colour. The machine is lightweight (it weighs less that 12kg), and is designed so that it is easy to use and maneuver. The 2400 is surprisingly powerful for its size but is big on safety. Polti’s patented ‘No volt’ system allows for steam to be switched off at the handle with no electrical connection and there is also Polti’s patented ‘safety cap’ on the water tank.

Possibly the best thing about the 2400 is that it is economical and environmentally friendly. Because the cleaning is done by the ‘neutral’ steam there is no need for expensive harmful chemical cleaning products. This not only saves you money but helps you do your bit in protecting the planet and of course, your own health as there is no inhalation of nasty chemical fumes.

Grab the Polti Vaporetto 2400 now and you will be amazed by the power of steam, and never want to clean any other way!


Praise for Go-Electrical

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Here at Go-Electrical we strive to provide a first class online buying experience, and we often hear from customers who want to tell us how pleased they are with the service they have received. We thought it would be nice to share a few of these comments here on the blog.

“Just a short note to let u know I received the toaster safe and sound on time, and to thank you very much for your fast and efficient service. I hope to do business with you again in the future.” D. Griffiths

“Thank you for your prompt actions, I wish all companys were as helpful as yours , thank you for your help.” S. Coales

“Thank you for great service and fast delivery. Best price as well. Delighted with new coffee machine, caffeine fueled again!
Great comms from you and will recommend to friends.” J. Saunders

“Just a quick email to say thanks for your 1st class service & from a local North Yorkshire company as well. Will certainly use you again & thoroughly recommend you to family & friends.” S. McLaren


Magimix Summer Offer

Saturday, June 19th, 2010


Magimix ice-cream maker or juicer between 1st May 2010 and 31st July 2010

Purchase a Magimix Le Glacier 1.5 and you will receive a ‘Simply Ices Recipe book’ or purchase a Magimix Gelato Chef  and receive 4 Sundae Dishes.

Purchase any Magimix Le Duo Juicer and you will receive a free ‘Summer Juice Set’. This comprises of – Jug, 4 neon coloured Beakers and 4 neon coloured Cocktail Stirrers.


Having invented the food processor more than thirty years ago, Magimix has broadened its range to cover all small kitchen appliances. They combine the best cooking traditions with today’s technology, and are designed to work better and last longer- Magimix have never compromised on their original four basic values of quality, practicality, simplicity, and appearance.

The ‘Le Glacier’ is so easy to use, all you have to do is pre-freeze the bowl for 8-12 hours and it then just takes 20 minutes to make ice cream! With the large feed tube and the see through lid that comes with the ‘Le Glacier’, you are able to pour in the ingredients, while checking to see if its ready!

The Magimix ‘Gelato Chef’ 2200 is the top of the range model with the built-in freezer unit so there is no pre-freezing required. You simply turn it on, stick in the ingredients and after 20 minutes, you have ice cream! It is ideal for bigger batches of ice cream.

The Magimix ‘Le Duo’ range is not only known for its stylish, contemporary looks, it also has such simplicity in the way it works, fruit in, juice out, there is no messing around with this range of products. The ‘Le Duo’ also features a spout from the juice extractor, so it flows straight into your glass! The XL version of the ‘Le Duo’ comes with a wider feeding tube so you can feed in whole or large fruits in without even cutting.

Sharp Music System for iPod

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

The Sharp DK-AP7N(W) is specially designed to be  compatible with most of the different iPod models. The compact speakers come with an AC/DC adaptor (but they can be played with batteries), 1 large soft carry case and a smaller one for the adaptor and 4 plastic iPod attachments for the different models to sit in. It has 2.1 stereo speakers, a built-in subwoofer and the main unit weighs 0.576 Kg.

After initial difficulties getting sound out of the speakers, apparently the iPod needs to be attached to the speakers after they have been switched on and not before – this is not mentioned in the instructions,  the volume gets to a very surprising level considering the size and the sound quality  is very good, although at top volume some reviewers have found that the sound quality is not perfect. When using batteries to run the sound produced will be distorted when the batteries are running low.  By pressing the Esound button the bass and high frequency are automatically adjusted.

When closed the system is stylish with soft corners. The finish is very shiny which looks good, but it also means that you get a lot of finger prints left on the casing, which doesn’t look quite as good. When the speakers are open you can see the actual speakers that are about 3cm across and are mirrored in the position of the power and Esound button. The music system is only available with a black case but there are three colour options for the inside, I personally like the white.

At around £65 the system is well priced and I would seriously consider buying one for myself and recommending to friends and family.

Gordon Ramsey Professional Range

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Go-Electrical is proud to have the new Gordon Ramsay Professional Sensio range in stock. The range includes a Stand mixer, Food processor, Blender, Hand blenders,  Grill griddle,  Convection oven with grill, kettle, Filter coffee maker, Milk frother, 2 and 4-Slice Toasters. There is bound to be something we have that you will want to add to your kitchen.

The products have a sleek stainless steel finish which means the items are so stylish you won’t want to put them in your cupboards…and they’re tough, just like the man himself!  Obviously the products are designed with more than style in mind; Gordon is a believer in qualgordon-ramsay-professional-1-7-litre-kettle-144027413ity kitchen appliances and utensils making a massive improvement to how people cook, and they can save time! And who doesn’t need more of that?

The 3kW rapid boil kettle does exactly this; the hidden element means that the water is heated quickly so you have access to that thirst quenching cup of tea quicker than ever before. It has a  1.7L capacity so there is more than enough volume to brew up for however many family, friends or builders you have around for ‘a brew’. Not only is the water boiled in super quick time but safety is key too. The lid locks while the kettle is in use and it switches off once the water has come to the boil. The kettle is built to restaurant standards so will last you so many cups of tea and coffee you will lose count!

We have the ideal kitchen tools for you, so now it’s down to you to become as good as Gordon Ramsey himself! Done!