Monthly Archives: September 2011

  1. September 28, 2011

    Dualit Rapido

    The Dualit Rapido coffee machine (84640) is a sensational, space saving coffee machine to rival the Magimix Nespresso M100 models. The Rapido takes Dualit coffee capsules that are vacuum sealed and contain the perfect amount of coffee for a single cup of coffee. The capsules are easy to insert and the Rapido is incredibly simple to use.

    The machine only takes 60 seconds to heat up - it lives up to the name of Rapido – and it

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  2. September 20, 2011

    NEW - Dualit Mini oven, blender and coffee grinder...

    To say that we are obsessed by Dualit is definitely an understatement. You should see our warehouse, we have so much Dualit stock that we often can’t walk down the aisles – it is more like an obstacle course. So, to say that we were excited to receive news from Dualit of new products is, again, an understatement.

    When the original Dualit 89000 Mini Oven was discontinued we had plenty of people complain that they couldn’t get their hands on one, and we are now pleased to say that there is a new

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  3. September 20, 2011

    New season...

    As we say goodbye to summer, it’s time to start thinking about hibernating…oh no wait, we don’t hibernate…well, ok, it is time to start thinking about how we are going to keep ourselves cheerful, and warm, when the cold weather and dark nights set in. Well if you are anything like me you will have already purchased your winter wardrobe, but what about your home? I’ve selected some beautiful products above

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  4. September 14, 2011

    Steaming is the healthier option

    Sharp is renowned for producing reliable, robust, up-to-date technology and they are constantly adding to their vast range of products. One of the newer products is the Steamwave, which we here at Go-Electrical now have available for all our lovely customers to purchase.

    The Sharp Steamwave is a real steam oven that is compact enough to sit on your kitchen worktop. Steam cooking is very gentle and is widely accepted as one of the healthiest ways to cook food because it

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  5. September 06, 2011

    New Pure products that we LOVE...

    We love PURE - regular readers of the blog will know that. We love them because of the quality and performance that they produce in their products, and that there is a radio to suit every need and budget. We also love new products, and PURE have launched two new models to the market, and guess what? We love them too!

    First of all there is the PURE Move 2500, a sleek, modern compact portable digital radio that easily outshines the PocketDAB 1500 and Move Palm. The Move 2500 is like the much cooler, sexier cousin of the family.

    The Move 2500 is a rechargeable personal DAB digital and FM radio weighing only 105g. It fits perfectly in the hand or a pocket as it is only 10.2cm tall and 5.6cm wide, with a skinny depth of 1.5cm, although because of its stylish shiny fascia you

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