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Fabulous cookwear available now

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

“Joseph Joseph’s unique ability to match form and function with a playful sense of style and colour, has earned it global recognition for its range of multi-award-winning designs. A clear focus on functionality, quality and innovation and a desire to enhance the time spent preparing and serving food, are what link all these products together.”

Here at Go-Electrical we have had our eye on Joseph Joseph products since the company was launched in 2003, but it is only recently that we have been able to extend our product range and start stocking, what we call, ‘cookshop’ products. Take a look at our Cookshop pages and find something different for your kitchen or somebody special’s home.

Since 2003 Joseph Joseph, founded by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph, has been producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative kitchen products on the market, and here at Go-Electrical we love the bright, vibrant colours and how practical the products are.

I particularly like the colour coded chopping boards that all fit into a stylish silver sleeve. One for fish, one for meat and one for vegetables there is no cross contamination in a kitchen that uses these. Another favourite is the citrus fruit reamer – cleverly designed to collect seeds and pith when juicing lemons and limes, but lets the juice escape. Items are dishwasher safe which is always handy in a bustling family kitchen.

If the colours are just a bit to out-there for your kitchen and you don’t think the fabulous rainbow utensil set is right for you, then why not invest in a worktop saver. Made from toughened glass and with non-slip rubber feet, these brightly coloured multi-function boards save your worktops from hot pans and casserole dishes. They can be used as chopping boards as they are odour and stain resistant, and are very easy to keep hygienically clean. Thin enough to store away in a  cupboard when not in use, and with a lifetime guarantee against breakage the Joseph Joseph worktop savers are a must-have.

You can add a little bit of Joseph Joseph style to your kitchen from as little as £8.00 at Go-Electrical, so there really is no excuse! Fabulously stylish products that make life easier- Brilliant!

Love retro style, love Smeg…

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We have all seen the breakfast cereal advert with the beautiful red Smeg retro fridge in the background (you know the one; the woman is always wearing jeans or a red dress!), and we notice the fridge, not only because of the colour, but because the retro design stands out in the stark, white minimal kitchen. And that is what is so fabulous about the Smeg retro range – it doesn’t matter if you have a traditional country style kitchen, or a sleek modern kitchen, the range will only enhance the look, especially when there are so many colours available. Being a fan of contemporary kitchens I personally like the sleek black appliances in the range. If modern isn’t your thing then don’t worry – the range includes pastel green, blue, traditional cream and a lovely pale pink.

Smeg created the 50’s style retro line in the mid 1990’s. The first product was the fridge, and it became a worldwide success due to its indeterminate appeal. Smeg say that this success is down to “its aesthetic and the world that it conjures up, the unique tone that it thrusts upon the kitchen makes it rather “post-fridge”, a refrigerator that transcends its function, becoming an emblem of culture”.

These days it is not just the FAB28 fridge that is available in the retro style. There is the FAB32 (fridge-freezer), the FAB30 (fridge and icebox), the FAB10 (compact fridge), the free-standing freezer to stand side by side with your FAB28, and also a dishwasher and washing machine! Add just one appliance to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen or three to really get your friends and family envious. The newest addition to the Retro range is a gas fire, available in seven stylish colours – now your living room doesn’t have to feel left out!

The 50’s style Retro products have become cult objects, and just keep getting more and more popular. Smeg have even launched a new website dedicated to the line;

Here at Go-Electrical we have Smeg products at some truly amazing prices, and you can own your very own piece of retro style from just £580. Come on, join the 50’s style revival and add a bit of character to your home.

Want, want, want one – Pure Evoke Mio

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The Pure Evoke Mio sounds and looks fantastic, so much so we want one in every colour! Based on the technology and design that won the Evoke-1S the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision’s ‘Best Portable DAB Radio’ award, this radio is superb.

The Evoke Mio will brighten up any room, especially with the fabulous new colours released for spring and summer, and the classic and simple design means that this DAB radio will definitely win a place in your heart – you might even want one in every room!

An easy-to-use, compact radio, the Evoke Mio is the first portable radio to come with a removable ChargePak pre-installed. This means it is excellent for moving from room to room, or taking into the garden while you entertain or relax. There is an input for your iPod/MP3 player, so it is ideal for the whole family to use – we know what is like when the kids are that step ahead with technology! We love the robust case as it is wipe clean so it doesn’t matter if you’re a messy cook, and to help cooks further the Evoke Mio has a built in kitchen timer. Very simple and extremely useful, especially if your cooker is as complicated as mine!

Living in an area with limited DAB reception (the Yorkshire Dales), I was very impressed with the digital signal received by the Evoke Mio, and there was absolutely no interference on the channels we did pick up. The radio maybe compact, but it doesn’t compromise on great sound quality unlike some other brands. Very clear, and even at top volume the sound quality is great.

Unfortunately I’ve had to give this one back, but I am definitely going to be buying one – I just have to decide which one of the new colours I want. Teal, Lava, Cherry, Noir or Grape? Maybe I can have one of each…

New S6 range from Miele

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Miele have launched a new range of vacuum cleaners, and they are everything you would expect from Miele and more!

The S6 Compact range includes a Cat & Dog model and an Ecoline (which is our favourite, and we know it will be a big seller). There are five models in the range and they are, as the name suggests, compact – perfect as a secondary cleaner or as a main cleaner in smaller homes. There is no compromise on performance – just because the vacuum is smaller doesn’t mean that it is any less efficient or powerful.

The range in full is as follows –

S6210 Power – Sprint Blue in colour, with a 10m operating radius this vacuum has a powerful 2000W motor with a silencer setting, and it cleverly signals when the dust bag needs replacing.

S6240 Ecoline – This Pistachio Green model comes with the Miele exclusive AIRTEQ floorhead, which has been specifically developed and means it uses 40% less energy. Making it not only green in colour, but environmentally green too.

S6220 Cat & Dog – This powerful Tayberry Red vacuum is designed with pet owners in mind. It has a Turbo brush with rotating air driven rollers, designed to give your carpet a deep down clean, even with your beloved animals running around. It also features the Miele Active Air Clean filter which combines the super Air Clean filter with an active charcoal cassette, again, designed with pet owners in mind.

S6290 Silence – In a nice Lilly Green Pearl colour, this machine is fitted with a 1200W Silence motor which through clever insulation ensures the lowest operating noise levels of any Miele vacuum. It also has an Active HEPA filter as standard – designed to help allergy suffers it retains 99.995% of particles.

S6730 Red Velvet – So called because of the luxurious red velvet effect covering, you won’t be able to stop stroking this vacuum! This model features easily accessible controls located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner which means less bending and stretching. The dust bags used by this machine have an automatic hygiene shutter so dust and dirt can’t escape once captured.

Go-Electrical & Dualit

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Go-Electrical is one of the biggest independent retailers of Dualit in the UK, and our warehouse is packed with Dualit stock. We love Dualit!

Dualit have been at the foreground of the consumer market since the late 1970’s, but have been around a lot longer than that. The first flip-sided toaster was made in 1946 and the brand steadily grew through the 1950s and 60s. Throughout the decades, the brand has remained true to founder, Max Gort-Barten’s original vision, and today Dualit provides a range of quality kitchen appliances.

The Dualit toaster is a design icon. From the Vario to the Combi and Bun toaster models, they all share the same timeless styling, reliability and Dualit design features. Dualit toasters are still built by hand in the UK, with the assembler’s stamp on every base plate, and every part is replaceable, meaning that a toaster could be in your household for years and years and years. The perfect wedding present maybe?

We love the range of colours that these classic toasters are available in. From Glacier blue to Azure blue, Mint green to Lime green and Petal pink to Chilli pink there is one to suit every kitchen. If you are after a more understated look then you can choose from the traditional white, cream, black and chrome. Personally I’m a fan of the red – it just looks amazing in my monochrome kitchen!

It’s a lot bigger than toast though. Dualit now have a wide range of kitchen appliances to help you get the most out of your kitchen – it is the hub of the home after all. We love the Dualit Espressivo coffee machine because of its compact size, stylish look and great performance. It may look like a complex appliance, but it is really simple which means it isn’t a lot of effort making delicious coffee before rushing off to work in a morning. The 1.5 litre tank holds enough water for 50 standard espresso shots, and the Thermobloc technology means that hot water and steam is available after just 40 seconds from switch on. Here at Go-Electrical we have the Espressivo available in three fabulous colours – Chrome, Black and Red, perfect for country kitchen or city pad.

Other appliances that we love are all fabulously stylish and extremely reliable and robust. The new XL1500 food processor is great – it is easy to use with 3 different capacity bowls, nine different tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding and a dough blade for pastry and bread making. Perfect for all your cooking and baking needs. The Dualit juice extractor is also an excellent piece of kit – it produces pure juice without froth and the extra capacity pulp container and juice jug allow for continuous juicing. It has a nice large feed tube too, which means less chopping!

To see the full range of Dualit products that we have available here at Go-Electrical, just click on the following link. Prepare to fall head over heels in love.

Spring colour trend

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Exciting new Polti products

Friday, March 11th, 2011

You are probably already aware that we at Go-Electrical are big fans of Polti steam appliances, so we are very please to be able to introduce some fabulous new additions to the already large Polti family.

The Vaporetto Comfort replaces the much loved Vaporetto Easy, and, dare we say it, it is even better! We are loving the new stylish design which includes an easy grip handle, and a handy built in storage compartment for the accessories. It is available in two colour options, like the Easy was – red or silver, but the new shades are just so much more appealing.

It’s not just the way the Comfort looks that has us eager to buy one. The stainless steel boiler has a capacity of 1.6 litres and is a powerful 1800W. The steam is released under a 3 bar of pressure, and because it is so compact it is ideal for smaller homes or people with limited storage space. The perfect starter steam cleaner if you are new to the whole business of steam cleaning.

Anything that is environmentally friendly is always a winner with us, and Polti steam cleaners also tick that box. The powerful steam technology means that bacteria, dust mites and fungi is killed without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. This will also save you money in the long run – all you really need for the Comfort is water and Kalstop. Gone are the days of having a cupboard full of cleaning products under your kitchen sink. How fantastic is that?!

Polti have also added four new steam generator irons to their catalogue. We are very impressed with the new Focus range, and we believe you will be too.

First of all there is the Vaporella 980 Focus, then the Forever 850 Focus, the Forever 1500 Focus and last, but definitely by no means least, the Forever Star Focus. All are continuous refill (meaning the water in the tank can be topped up without having to wait for the boiler to depressurise), and are ready to be used in 3 minutes, but the best thing about these new Focus irons is the soleplate. Why? The soleplate is ceramic (yes, just like GHD hair straighteners girls). This means that the soleplate can get extra hot and not stick to clothes, and it is also anti-scratch – which is good when your ironing over those shirt buttons quickly.

Our favourite from the Focus range is the Forever Star which has a fantastic electronic control panel and an automatic cable winder. Perfect for fast-paced modern living. The control panel will tell you when the steam is ready, when the water level is getting low, and will cleverly signal when more Kalstop needs to be added to the tank. With 5 bar pressure, a large 1.1 litre tank capacity and a 3 level steam output this iron really does make ironing large amounts so much easier and quicker.

After all that we hope you now realise why we love Polti products so much!

To see the full Polti range just follow the following link –

NEW Nespresso Pixie

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Sophisticated technology squeezed into an ultra compact body makes the Magimix Nespresso Pixie the new must have coffee machine.

The Pixie is 11cm wide making it perfect for kitchens that are short of space, and because of the improved Thermoblock technology it heats the water up in 25 seconds so you can get your caffeine hit in super fast time if your are running late.

Not only is the Pixie nice to look at (it’s available in three stylish colours) and easy to use, it is also Eco-Friendly. The panels of the machine are made from recycled coffee capsules, and it has a fabulous power-save mode which saves 40% energy. There is automatic and programmable water quantity control, so you can set the Pixie to use the amount of water to make your coffee just how you like.


Key features that we love about the Pixie:

  • Intuitive design – low water level detection with interactive lights
  • Ergonomic capsule insertion and automatic used capsule ejection
  • Semi-automatic de-scale programme
  • Smart cable storage
  • 3 year guarantee

Get yourself a Nespresso Pixie for £139.90 from Go-Electrical, but hurry because these will be fast selling!

Q2 Internet Radio

Friday, March 4th, 2011


The Q2 Internet radio is our new favourite gadget here at Go-Electrical, and we think that it is likely to be yours too.

It is a cute, compact cube and is so easy to use it is actually unbelievable – it has no screen, buttons or knobs that other internet radios confuse us with. First step is to plug the radio into your PC or Mac and load the software. Easy. Then follow the simple, onscreen instructions to connect the device to a wireless network, and assign the desired stations to each side of the cube (yep, that is 4 presets). Easy. Then just unplug, tip and you are away. Easy!

The battery of the Q2 is rechargeable, and because of its compact size it is perfect for taking out and about. Have it in the garden while gardening or entertaining, sit it on your kitchen side while cooking or stand it on your dressing table for some tunes when you are getting ready for work.  To change the radio station just roll the Q2 from one side to another. Tilt it backwards or forwards to turn the volume up or down – to mute, place face down so the speaker is covered. To turn off place the base down.

There are thousands of internet radio stations to choose from, but you can also play podcasts. If you get bored of your selected channels, just connect to your computer again.

‘What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’ have awarded the Q2 five stars for its ground-breaking technology and the eye-catching design. Personally I’m finding it hard to choose between the green, black or blue floral design. Help!

The Q2 Internet radio is available now from Go-Electrical for £89.90.

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Here at Go-Electrical we know how important it is to have a lovely, clean house but we also know that cleaning isn’t necessarily what you want to be doing when the sun is finally beginning to shine again (sshhhh don’t scare it). We have looked through all our cleaning products and found the most effective and the best time saving appliances to help you achieve a spotless home. So whether it is your carpets that you want to deep clean or the grout around your bathroom tiles, have a look at our selection of products and then enjoy the spring sunshine!

The Polti Vaporetto Pocket is tiny, but doesn’t lack power. It has a shoulder strap so it can be easily carried around the house making it ideal to use in the bathroom, kitchen and even on windows. With the Polti patent Safety cap, and a child lock handle the Vaporetto Pocket is also very safe to use.

If you have a Dyson you will be well aware of how good the suction and the performance is. Well, there are a range of accessory packs that can be purchased for your Dyson vacuum to get even more from your machine. The Car accessory pack comes with 3 accessories including a small turbine head, and these are ideal for getting in all the nooks and crannies that a normal vacuum tool sometimes fails to reach. Dyson have also created a kit that can be used to clean up after a party, so now you have no excuse not to get all your friends round.

The Sebo D2 Titan is a brilliant addition to the Sebo range and with a fantastic 2100W turbofan motor, vacuuming is a breeze. It can be used on carpet and hard floors, and if you have pets the D2 Titan will tackle pet hair perfectly. The 5 year domestic use warranty is just an added reason to get one of these great machines.

We don’t want to bore you – we know how eager you are to get on and clean, so we will make this last one brief. Our favourite Bissell machine at the moment is the ReadyDry carpet washer. Why? We no longer have to wait for hours and hours for carpets to dry anymore – with the ReadyDry your carpets can be dry in 30minutes! Now that’s fast!