Monthly Archives: February 2012

  1. February 09, 2012

    PURE Music is now LIVE

    PURE Music’ is now live in the UK it is brilliant. The cloud-based, on-demand music service offers a revolutionary way to listen to music.

    The new service from PURE is available for £4.99 a month. For a limited time subscribers will get their first month free – we suggest you sign up now. You need a PC, Mac, PURE internet connected radio or a smartphone which runs the ‘PURE Lounge’ App. Then you can get up and running and discover and listen to millions of songs from all over the world.

    PURE’s Colin Crawford says that ‘PURE Music’ has been designed with the mass market in mind. There is no need for downloading

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  2. February 01, 2012

    The KitchenAid blender Remodelled

    KitchenAid have decided to improve their blender models by adding a ‘culinary jar’ to them, and here at Go-Electrical we think that this is a brilliant idea. It means that the already fabulous Artisan blender is even better.

    The Culinary Jar has a small capacity of 0.75l which is ideal for making single servings of smoothies or juices, and small recipes such as pestos and sauces. The blades of the blender are strong, sharp stainless steel which are perfect from crushing ice, and creating an even finish to smoothies, so no lumps.

    The rest of the specification for the Kitchenaid

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