I don’t know about where you are, but it is absolutely freezing here on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. So cold that I am sat writing this with gloves on…and a scarf! This awful January weather has got me dreaming of distant beaches and 30˚C heat. I can't quite afford that far off holiday but I can afford a Burley fire! I’ve decided that we should take a look at the electric and gas fires available on Go-Electrical. Then at least I may be able to take my gloves off!

Who are Burley?

Burley Appliances have been manufacturing electric fires since 1975 when founder John Barson decided to set up business in his garage. He built electric fires with his 20 years of electrical manufacturing experience. It all started with three commissioned wrought iron baskets costing £5.00 and some electric components. The first fire was sold the day after its manufacture had been completed.

Mr Barson went on to sell 12 fires to the electrical buyer for Harrods, employ staff and move from his garage to a proper workshop. After six years of steady growth Burley became an approved supplier to the Northwest Electricity board. Fourteen other boards soon followed.

The range has grown

Burley not only manufacture electric stoves, insets and freestanding fires but also flueless gas fires (the first one sold in the UK was made by none other than Burley).  They also sell wood burning stoves which boast clean burning technology and amazing fuel efficiency. There is an amazing range to choose from a fire that will look great in any home whether modern or traditional.

Here at Go-Electrical we have lots of different Burley models in stock, and the ones we don’t are delivered direct from Burley on a home-delivery service. One of our most popular models is the Halstead basket fire (292). It comes with real coals and has a flicker effect which means it looks very realistic when in use. It is compact size and ideal for smaller fireplaces.

Contemporary styling

If you like your fires to be a little bit more contemporary in styling how about an Oakham (537)? This fire can be wall mounted, inset or left as a freestanding appliance. It comes with real coal and also marbles for a modern look. It has a remote that can be used to control the virtual flame effect that the fire offers.

Still not what you are looking for? How about the Ambience Flueless gas stove (4121)? It looks just like a traditional wood-burning stove, and even comes with logs that can be arranged inside for an authentic look. It offers 3.5KW of power and because of the technology behind its workings, the heat produced is more evenly distributed than a stove linked to a chimney.

Take a look at the Burley products on the Go-Electrical website, and maybe you will also change your mind about escaping to a sun-drenched beach somewhere…or maybe not! Price start from £168.90. We would love it if you would like us on Facebook here.