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A new radio from PURE? It’s the Evoke F4…

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

There is a new radio on the market which we have all put on our ‘wish list’. It is from PURE and is rather clever – say “hello” to the PURE Evoke F4 radio.

The Evoke F4 Digital and Internet radio with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (to give it its full title) is based on PURE’s multi award-winning Evoke Flow radio which proved very popular. The F4 has been further improved and developed, and has been designed to work with the PURE Jongo range of wireless multi-room products, which offers the ability to synchronised music throughout the home.

Like with other digital (DAB) radios, the user of the F4 can listen to a massive selection of digital and FM radio stations, but as the F4 also features Wi-Fi capabilities the user can access radio stations, music channels, on demand services and podcasts from around the world. There is also the option to stream tracks from PURE Music, which is an online subscription service created for PURE users, by PURE and it offers over 15 million music tracks so there should always be something to listen to, no matter what mood the user is in.

So far the Evoke F4 sounds a lot like the Evoke Flow, but this is where that all changes. The F4 features innovative tagging technology, which means that just by pressing a button the user can find out the name of the track currently playing, and the artist. Once tagged, the track can be purchased there and then, or it can be saved and bought at a later time through the PURE Connect website. It can also be added to any PURE Music playlists that the user may have created. Don’t forget that the PURE Connect App (for iPad, iPhone and Android) can be used to stream audio wirelessly using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

If there is a particular radio programme that you can’t miss then there is the ability to record live internet and digital radio. Instant and timed recordings can be done using a USB stick to store the recordings. Ordinarily a 2GB memory stick should hold approximately 15 hours of digital radio. This recording ability not only means that the user won’t miss their favourite programme ever again, but it also allows them to share the recording with friends and family.

Key features:

DAB/DAB+/DMB radio), FM and internet radio (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet)

Wi-Fi supported with WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption

Streaming capabilities – use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

A Multi-room product –   Use the Jongo family of speakers to enjoy music wirelessly throughout the home

Two alarms

Sleep and kitchen timers

Aux-in socket for iPod or MP3 player

Headphone socket

Large high-contrast OLED display

Optional rechargeable battery – PURE ChargePAK F1

USB socket

Two year PURE warranty

As you would expect with a PURE radio, the sound quality on the Evoke F4 has not been compromised by all the technology. The radio “delivers the best possible sound quality, using highly energy efficient Class-D audio amplification and in-house digital signal processing loudspeaker correction, equalisation and sound profiling.”                                                                                                                 PURE May 2013

To learn more about the PURE Evoke F4 visit the Go-Electrical product page now. The F4 is available now to purchase and retails at £169.99.

PURE Avalon 300R Connect is here!

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Have you heard what the clever people at PURE have done now? They have produced “the most attractive subscription-free TV viewing experience available”, and have branched into the TV set-top box market. Welcome the Avalon 300R Connect. 

The Avalon 300R Connect is a Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder which is NOW AVAILABLE from Go-Electrical. It features a brilliant user interface which is easy to use and users can not only watch Freeview television channels, but pause, rewind, record, and stream, access PURE Connect and view photo slide shows – with no subscription fee to pay. 

Whether you only watch or record a few programmes a week, or you are a hard-core series linker look no further than the Avalon. Its 1TB capacity gives the ability to record up to 600 hours of television or 250 hours of HD programmes. Record instantly at the touch of button, or set it to record a whole series, and if your favourite talent shows clash don’t panic as the Avalon can record two channels at the same time. What’s more, the built in Wi-Fi capabilities mean that users have access to BBC iPlayer, and the ability to watch videos on YouTube anytime.

Visit the Avalon 300R Connect page to learn more or to purchase.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Christmas is the time of year that many of us dread, whether it is the stress of family visits, cooking enough food to feed what seems like a million people or buying presents for people who have everything. Well, this year we have had enough, we want to enjoy Christmas, and we want our customers to do the same. So, we have put together a list of potential gifts, which should hopefully provide you with inspiration, and make Christmas shopping less of a chore.

Firstly, here are our suggestions for people who are into music:

*PURE One Mi – three colours available, perfectly portable pocket-size, from £28.99

*PURE Move 2500 – available in black or silver, personal DAB radio with earphones, from £76

*Roberts RD60 – vintage style radio, 15 colours available including Cath Kidston print, from £139.90

*PURE Sensia 200D – internet, touch screen radio with social abilities, from £229.90

*Roberts Sound 200 – DAB, FM, CD and iDock sound system £257

Now our top five for the baking enthusiast:

*Dualit Kitchen Scales – stainless steel, clear dial, weigh up to 5kg £23.99

*Bosch MSM67PEGB Hand blender – includes a beaker and whisk, and a mini chopper with ice crushing blades £49.90

*Le Creuset Cast Iron round casserole dishes – 11 colours, 6 sizes, from £90

*Magimix 3200 BlenderMix Food Processor – 3 colour options, free gift by redemption (until 24/12/12) suitable for families of 3 or 4 people, from £184.90

*KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer – Over 25 colours available, five year warranty, and free gift (while stocks last), from £409

How about ideas for the coffee addict in your life?

*Grunwerg Revolving Coffee Capsule Dispenser – perfect for the Nespresso lover £21.99

*Dualit Milk Frother – create frothy coffee or creamy hot chocolate in no time £49

*Krups Nespresso U coffee machine – available in Cream or Grey and with £40 Nespresso credit (until 13/01/13), from £94

*Dualit ‘Coffee System’ Coffee Machine – two colour options, 15 bar pump and 40 second warm up time, from £172

*Magimix Nespresso Maestria – 19 bar pressure and 25 second heat up time £349

Lastly, we have our suggestions for the person who is very house-proud;

*Dualit Corkscrew and Bottle Stopper set – integrated foil cutter, perfect for any wine lover £30

*Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top kettle – eight colour options, suitable for all hob types, from £42

*Thomas Kent 20” Wall Clock – hand painted resin clock available in four colours, from £69

*Dualit Architect 4 Slice Toaster – New product to the market, interchangeable panels to change the look, and features a ‘Peek & Pop’ function, from £99.95

*Newgate Embankment Wall Clock – large, vintage style square clock in chrome £199.20

Hopefully, our suggestions above will help you find the perfect gift for a friend or family member, and maybe even take a little bit of stress away from this busy time of year. If there isn’t suitable above, why not visit the Go-Electrical site, and explore what else there is on offer?

A clever bit of technology from PURE – The Jongo S340B Speaker

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Go-Electrical is proud to announce that the world’s first mainstream multi-room speaker is available to pre-order from their website now – Please welcome PURE’s Jongo S340B, theaffordable, rechargeable, wireless speaker with 360° sound, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth”.

The PURE Jongo S340B speaker is the first product of the Jongo range, and PURE will be adding more products in the very near future to create a multi-room audio product family. Jongo products will use Wi-Fi to stream audio throughout the home – from product to product and from room to room.

At under 14cm high the Jongo S340B speaker is compact and portable, but like all PURE products it produces brilliant sound despite its size. The speaker features four tweeters for 360° sound and a subwoofer for brilliant bass, it also has an ‘audio’ button which can be used to select flexible audio profiles – ideal for parties or outdoor listening. The Jongo speaker is battery pack operated, and the rechargeable battery pack which is included can provide up to ten hours of listening per charge.

The video below, and the Go-Electrical web pages provide further information on the Jongo S340B if you want to know more.

TV from PURE? Introducing the Avalon 300R Connect

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

There are exciting times ahead thanks to the clever people at PURE who have recently launched “the most attractive subscription-free TV viewing experience available”. Branching into the T V set-top box market is a bold step for PURE, but they seem to have pulled it off so far with their first product – the Avalon 300R Connect.

The Avalon 300R Connect is a Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder features a brilliant user interface which is easy to use and not intimidating at all. With the Avalon 300R Connect users can not only watch Freeview television channels, but pause, rewind, record, and stream, access BBC iPlayer and PURE Connect and view photo slide shows and . Pretty impressive already, but in the future through free software updates the Avalon will be given more on-demand services such as access to PURE Music and PURE Stream technology. All this, and there is no subscription!

Whether you only watch or record a few programmes a week, or you are a hard-core series linker there is an Avalon for you, as there are two sizes of hard drive available – 500GB and 1TB. The 1TB gives the ability to record up to 600 hours of television or 250 hours of HD programmes. Record instantly at the touch of button, or set it to record a whole series, and if your favourite talent shows clash don’t panic as the Avalon can record two channels simultaneously.

Built in Wi-Fi means that users have access to BBC iPlayer, and the ability to watch videos on YouTube anytime. Access to PURE’s very own PURE Connect also means that there are thousands of internet radio stations on-demand radio programmes, podcasts and ambient sounds available at the touch of a button.

If this all sounds good so far, take a look at even more features;

*Freeview+ HD for free HD TV channels from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, plus up to 50 standard definition TV channels 24 radio stations

*Advanced interface with 8-day on-screen programme guide (EPG), ‘picture-in-picture’, unique channel transitions and more

*Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connection for access to on-demand services

*Play videos, music or pictures from your home network or plug in a USB storage device

*Listen to music streamed from your Apple or Android device with Pure Stream

*4 HDMI inputs for games consoles, Blu-ray players and similar

*Dolby® Digital Plus for immersive surround sound with up to 7.1 channels

The Avalon 300R Connect will be available from Go-Electrical in October 2012, so keep an eye on the website for their arrival. Priced at £299.99 and £349.99 the Avalon is worth every penny.


Another new PURE product

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Our favourite audio manufacturer (PURE of course, silly) will soon be releasing a new product that we have known about for quite some time.  Here at Go-Electrical we are just too excited to finally get our hands on this brilliant piece of technology, and I can guarantee that when it lands no work will be happening in the office! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the PURE Sensia 200D Connect.

The PURE Sensia 200D Connect is a portable wireless music and radio system, with a colour touchscreen, USB recording, streaming capabilities, fantastic sound and social media capabilities. Technology that is so up to date, anyone who doesn’t buy one will be jealous of what it can do.

The Sensia 200D Connect will stream your choice of music via the Pure Music site and from your own music library on your computer. Hundreds and thousands of internet radio stations are at the tip of your fingers with this product, but it will also pick up DAB and FM radio. Don’t forget that as it uses Wi-Fi there are endless on-demand programmes and podcasts to choose from too! There is also an input point for an iPod or MP3 player so there will always be something to listen to.

If, while listening, there is a song that you like but don’t know who it is by the Sensia 200D will identify the song for you, and with PURE Tag you can also buy songs as you listen to them. With USB recording capabilities, never again will a favourite radio programme be missed as the recording function can be set for a specific time whether it is a one off, or a kind of series link – The Archer’s anyone?

Featuring a beautiful touch screen (but also control buttons, and a remote) it is amazingly easy to navigate, and there are apps that can be used just like on mobile phones – Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, RSS feeds and more. Keeping in touch with friends, and sharing what you are listening to has never been so easy, and to make your friends jealous, why not take your Sensia 200D Connect with you? The optional ChargePak means that the radio is not restricted to the indoors, and you can enjoy music or radio wherever you go.

Team all of the above with amazing PURE Clearsound audio, stunning good looks and the PURE Lounge website and App and you really do have an amazing piece of kit. Never again will listening to the “wireless” be classed as boring or dull. Now, where do we queue up for one of these??

Keep your eyes peeled for the PURE Sensia 200D Connect landing on Go-Electrical. They are currently available to pre-order, but stock will move quick – you have been warned.

AirPlay now available with PURE

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The newest addition to the PURE Contour family is the Contour 200i Air. It is a compact but surprisingly powerful digital music system featuring ‘AirPlay’ which is Apple’s wireless streaming technology, and a dock for iPod, iPhone or iPad.

‘AirPlay’ enables the user to stream music wirelessly throughout their home, easily and simply. Music or radio station broadcasts can be streamed from a compatible Apple device, or from iTunes to the Contour 200i Air using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. ‘AirPlay’ enables the streaming of high quality audio and two-way synchronization – this means that the volume can be altered on either device and it will change on both accordingly. The clever thing about this new audio product is that it enables users to set up a multiroom wireless speaker system, simply put a Contour 200i Air in any room and you can send audio to them all simultaneously – this means that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on a speaker system for your home.


36W RMS digital quality sound

Free iOS Lounge app for thousands of internet radio stations and on-demand content

Multiroom audio solution via iTunes

Digital audio output

Easy Ethernet or Wi-Fi network setup

Input for other audio devices

Multi-coloured LED status indicator

Remote control

The PURE Contour 200i Air is available from Go-Electrical for £174.99

Mother’s Day is almost here

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I just thought I should remind you all that this year Mother’s Day is 18th March. Yes, that means you are rapidly running out of time to get a gift and card, to show your mummy how much you really do care.

Go-Electrical has some great gift ideas, and not all of them are budget busting. Why not give your mum a little piece of Le Creuset? Something useful, colourful and a brand she will know…the best bit? Prices start from a tiny £5.00.

If you don’t think that Le Creuset is quite right, what about a Dualit Latteccino? Small but perfectly formed, this milk frother is available in different colours and will enable mum to make her favourite milky drink with no problems, whether it be a latte, horlicks or hot chocolate.

For those of you who have a bigger budget, or just really want to show your mum how much you appreciate her, there are coffee machines, DAB radios and food processors galore. Visit the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas page to find the perfect gift, and show the special lady in your life how much you love her.

PURE Music is now LIVE

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

PURE Music’ is now live in the UK, and we here at Go-Electrical think it is brilliant. The cloud-based, on-demand music service offers a revolutionary way to listen to music.

The new service from PURE is available for £4.99 a month, and for a limited time subscribers will get there first month free – we suggest you sign up now. All you need is a PC or Mac, or a PURE internet connected radio, or a smartphone which runs the ‘PURE Lounge’ App (available free for iPhone and Android), then you can get up and running and discover and listen to millions of songs from all over the world.

PURE’s Colin Crawford says that ‘PURE Music’ has been designed with the mass market in mind and with it there is no need for downloading and ripping; “ ‘PURE Music’…[will] offer music fans a simple way to find, discover and enjoy any music they want directly on their favourite listening device…Just search and enjoy”.

For more information on ‘PURE Music’ visit or


Friday, December 30th, 2011

When Christmas is over, everyone wants to use their Christmas money to grab a bargain in the sales. Well take a look at the Go-Electrical Sale, and pick up some brilliant products at fantastically low prices.

Didn’t get that DAB radio that you had on your wishlist? Need to clean up the house after the family invasion? Need a caffeine hit to get you through the long dark January days? Look no further, Go-Electrical has you covered!

Visit the SALE page now, and keep checking back to see what other amazing products are added.