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Spring Cleaning with Go-Electrical

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


 Our Spring Cleaning offers are online now.

Here at Go-Electrical we know how important it is to have a lovely, clean house but we also know that cleaning isn’t necessarily what you want to be doing when the sun is finally beginning to shine again (sshhhh don’t scare it). We have looked through all our cleaning products and selected some of our most effective cleaning and laundry appliances to help you get that Spring Clean satisfaction. Here’s a closer look at three of the products:

AEG-ATT7920BP-Aptica-Pet-Cylinder-Vacuum-Cleaner-BlueThe AEG Aptica Pet cylinder vacuum is specially designed for pet owners who have to tackle pet hair in their homes. That is battle that can be won with the help of the Aptica’s Pet Turbo nozzle, purpose built to lift hair from furniture, floors and clothing. This vacuum can also help stay on top of any annoying odours in the household as it comes with a special carbon HEPA filter system, which removes up to 99% of allergens.

Samsung VU10F40SBDD Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is designed to make vacuuming your home as hassle free as possible, with it’s ‘Motion Sync’ design, this is probably the most maneuverable vacuum you offer! The unit’s HEPA filtration also helps to remove dust and dirt, however that isn’t all it does. The specially designed filter system is there to capture and hold air-borne allergens and those pesky dust particles, helping to keep your household air hygienically clean.


Lastly for this blogpost, the Rowenta silence steam generator iron makes ironing out creases that bit quicker and easier. Rowenta’s own microsteam 400 stainless steel soleplate means this is a high quality bit of kit, designed for maximum steam output. This allows the the iron to produce 120g of steam per minute, meaning you will be able to easily glide through any pile of ironing you’ve accumulated and wave goodbye to all those creases. Steam generator irons are much more powerful than a standard steam iron, by creating such larger amounts of steam, which pumps constantly and consistently through the iron’s soleplate, they allow you to get through the ironing all the more quickly.

 So have a peruse of our offers, get the house spotless, then get outside and enjoy the Spring!

To take a closer look, and to take advantage of these offers visit the Go-Electrical website now. Keep a close eye on the Go-Website for more appliances and offers coming soon.

Tefal makes a comeback to Go-Electrical

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Well-known brand Tefal has made a return to the Go-Electrical online catalogue. After a little while away we now have a large selection of Tefal irons, blenders, and food processors available for purchase, plus many more appliances.

If you are need of a new iron, have you considered a steam generator iron? The Tefal GV7340 Express is a compact, 2200W steam generator iron with up to 5 bar pressure and a 1.6litre water tank. This iron produces up to 120g of steam per minute and features an anti-scale collector and Tefal’s ‘Easy-Cord system’ storage.

The Tefal MB755D40 Fresh Express Plus is a brilliant product if you are short on space. This mini chopper has a 150W motor and comes with 5 attachments which make short work of any fruit or vegetables; ridge cutting, slicing, course shredding, fine shredding and a grater suitable for hard cheese and nuts. The cones are all dishwasher safe, and the design of the products means it is safe to use around children.

It could be that you are just looking for a toaster. The Tefal 532718 Avanti toaster has four slots which are designed to take both thick and thin slices making it perfect for a family kitchen. It features a ‘highlift’ mechanism making it perfect for crumpets, bagels and teacakes and a defrost function.

Visit our Tefal pages to view all the products we have available – Prices start from just £16

Enter our Competition and win a Polti iron

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

If you would like to be with a chance of winning a Polti Vaporella Forever 630 steam generator iron, then all you have to do is enter our Facebook competition.

All you need to do is get your ironing board and iron to hand, do some extreme ironing and get someone to take a photograph of you doing your extreme ironing. Then just submit it on our Facebook competition page, and people will then vote on who’s photograph they like the most. If you come out on top, you will be the lucky winner and receive the Forever 630 iron which is worth £119.99! To enter and to see the full T&Cs just visit our Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ironing, and GOOD LUCK!

Brilliant Bosch – new products

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Bosch is a name that everyone has heard of, and it is a brand that we love. Whether it is a large kitchen appliance such as a dishwasher or built-in oven, or a small appliance such as a kettle or food mixer/processor, Bosch is a name to be relied on, and thankfully they have launched some new products for us to fall in love with. Yipee!

Before I start filling you in on the product details and specs, I need to first let you know about ‘The Winning Line’. This is a new initiative launched by Bosch and the products that fit into ‘The Winning Line’ range all feature user-friendly features and are energy efficient;

“‘The Winning Line’ range has been designed to showcase some of our best technological ideas and innovations at an amazing price point.”    


Three of the new products I want to tell you about are part of ‘The Winning Line’, and these are the Ultimate Bosch steam generator iron, the Pro Power bagless vacuum cleaner and the White Styline Food Mixer.

The Ultimate Bosch steam generator iron is a very cleaver iron and this is down to its unique automatic ironing setting. Ever get annoyed that your iron temperature needs altering for different garments? Well the automatic settings mean that you can iron a silk blouse straight after your denim jeans. The iron also features an auto shut-off so no need to worry about accidents or fires, and an ‘Eco’ button which saves up to 25% energy and up to a 40% water saving. Brilliant!

The Pro Power bagless vacuum features a large three litre use capacity, 2200watt motor and some smart technology;

“The SensorBagless technology combined with the RotationClean system ensures optimum performance for the lifetime of the machine, the RobustAir™ System combines large diameters and high tech materials throughout the machine for maximum airflow and high dust pick up and a Hepa rated Gore filtration system stops dust particles on the filter surface for ease of cleaning”                                                                                                       BoschUK

Being bagless, this vacuum is environmentally friendly. There is no need to buy and dispose of bags, and the filters are washable, reuseable and according to Bosch should last the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.

Improving on the popular food mixer model MUM46A1GB, Bosch has launched the Styline food mixer (MUM52120GB) and it has won the ‘Which? Best Buy’ award for best food processor March 2012. It has a powerful 700W motor, four speed settings and a variety of accessories to make light work of baking tasks. The 3.9litre capacity bowl is perfect for cakes mixtures, bread dough and biscuit mix. It looks pretty good too.

More new products from Bosch include;

The Premier Power Steam Generator ironThe Pet Hair and Carpet bagless vacuum cleanerThe Tassimo T55 hot drinks machine and The Styline Sensor toasters and kettles in Cranberry Red or Gloss Black.

To view the full Bosch range and learn more about the new products, visit the Bosch pages at Go-Electrical. Brilliant products at brilliant prices.


Friday, December 30th, 2011

When Christmas is over, everyone wants to use their Christmas money to grab a bargain in the sales. Well take a look at the Go-Electrical Sale, and pick up some brilliant products at fantastically low prices.

Didn’t get that DAB radio that you had on your wishlist? Need to clean up the house after the family invasion? Need a caffeine hit to get you through the long dark January days? Look no further, Go-Electrical has you covered!

Visit the SALE page now, and keep checking back to see what other amazing products are added.

Which? Award winner

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Bosch has just been awarded the prestigious WHICH? Award for ‘Best Large Home Appliance Brand for 2011’. This has been awarded in the year that Bosch celebrates turning 125 years old.

The range of products that Bosch manufactures is truly epic. They manufacture things for the automotive industry, industry and trade as well as the domestic appliances we all know and love, such as irons, vacuums, fridge freezers and power tools. Surprisingly, Bosch even create parts for wind turbines – the powertrains that are driven by the huge rotor blades are manufactured by Bosch. Betcha didn’t know that did you?

Here at Go-Electrical we have a selection of Bosch products including the new Styline kettles and toasters. The new Styline kettle not only looks great but it uses the latest technology available to provide precise temperature control, so you can get your water at the right temperature for herbal and fruit teas, and different coffees. It also has a great ‘keep warm’ function, which means that there is no need to repeatedly boil the kettle as it maintains the selected water temperature for up to 30 minutes. Great if you live in a household that is addicted to “brews” – less boiling, means less energy used, which in turn saves you money.

The Styline kettles and toasters are available in black and white (from £56.90)

There is also a great range of Bosch vacuum cleaners available. These great cylinder vacuums are very reliable, and there are bagless models as well as traditional bag-taking machines. At the moment selected Bosch vacuums are on offer while stock lasts, so why not take a look at what is available? One of the best sellers is the BSG8PRO1GB – It has a top of the range compressor motor, which is guaranteed for 10 years, and it comes with a professional starter pack of accessories to get you up and running as soon as you get it out of the box.

Polti Steam Irons

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Polti was established in 1978 by Franco Polti, when he created the Vaporella – the first steam iron with separate boiler for domestic use. With Vaporella, Polti opened up a new market and today Polti sells more than 10 million appliances every year in Europe alone.

Vaporella meant that households could iron to a professional level because of the super-powerful, ultra-fine jet of steam. The jet was so powerful that it removed every last crease and wrinkle from clothes before the iron soleplate even touched the fabric!

The original technology that Franco Polti came up with has only been improved on, and the professional results achieved in 1978 are even better today;

* The holes of Vaporella irons are concentrated at the tip of the plate, and are placed in a certain formation. This design means that the iron is only required to be passed over garmets once, instead of numerous times.

* The pressure of the dry steam created by the iron, gently infiltrates the materials fibres and effortlessly removes any creases. This powerful dry steam means that it is possible to iron folded sheets or multiple layers of fabric, quickly and effectively. The irons hot sole plate dries the fabric, and ensures that the smoothness created by the steam is fixed.

* Polti iron soleplates are made from either Aluminium or Ceramic (on the new Focus models). Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and heat is distributed evenly. This means that clothes are less likely to get damaged by excessive heat, and the iron can be used for extended periods of time. Ceramic is commonly used for hair appliances such as straighteners and curling wands, and it has anti-stick and anti-scratch properties. Again, this kind of soleplate can get to very high temperatures for extended periods, and not damage fabrics.

*All iron handles are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind. Polti is famous for producing irons with cork handles, and this is because cork is naturally ultra-lightweight and is very insulating so it is safe and comfortable. If they do not have a cork handle, the irons will have a soft-touch handle that is heat resistant and comfortable to grip.

Go-Electrical is a Polti approved internet retailer, and offers you Polti appliances at some brilliant prices. At the moment the Vaporella Fashion Silver iron, the Vaporella Forever 600 and the Forever 1400 Focus are on sale for unbeatable prices.

The Fashion Silver has a boiler volume of 1 litre and is capable of producing up to 70g/min of steam and 3.5 bar of pressure. It has the traditional Polti cork handle and aluminium sole plate.

The Forever 600 has 3 level electronic steam adjustment, and continuous refill feature meaning you can just keep ironing and ironing. It has a soft touch handle, removable water tank and produces up to 100g/min of steam.

The Forever 1400 Focus is one of the new irons launched earlier this year. It features a ceramic soleplate, a stylish ergonomic soft touch handle and automatic cable winder. It can produce 5 bar of steam pressure and 150g/min of steam. It also has a built in no-calc system and can be continuously refilled.

Take a look at the full range of Polti irons by clicking HERE

Spring colour trend

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Exciting new Polti products

Friday, March 11th, 2011

You are probably already aware that we at Go-Electrical are big fans of Polti steam appliances, so we are very please to be able to introduce some fabulous new additions to the already large Polti family.

The Vaporetto Comfort replaces the much loved Vaporetto Easy, and, dare we say it, it is even better! We are loving the new stylish design which includes an easy grip handle, and a handy built in storage compartment for the accessories. It is available in two colour options, like the Easy was – red or silver, but the new shades are just so much more appealing.

It’s not just the way the Comfort looks that has us eager to buy one. The stainless steel boiler has a capacity of 1.6 litres and is a powerful 1800W. The steam is released under a 3 bar of pressure, and because it is so compact it is ideal for smaller homes or people with limited storage space. The perfect starter steam cleaner if you are new to the whole business of steam cleaning.

Anything that is environmentally friendly is always a winner with us, and Polti steam cleaners also tick that box. The powerful steam technology means that bacteria, dust mites and fungi is killed without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. This will also save you money in the long run – all you really need for the Comfort is water and Kalstop. Gone are the days of having a cupboard full of cleaning products under your kitchen sink. How fantastic is that?!

Polti have also added four new steam generator irons to their catalogue. We are very impressed with the new Focus range, and we believe you will be too.

First of all there is the Vaporella 980 Focus, then the Forever 850 Focus, the Forever 1500 Focus and last, but definitely by no means least, the Forever Star Focus. All are continuous refill (meaning the water in the tank can be topped up without having to wait for the boiler to depressurise), and are ready to be used in 3 minutes, but the best thing about these new Focus irons is the soleplate. Why? The soleplate is ceramic (yes, just like GHD hair straighteners girls). This means that the soleplate can get extra hot and not stick to clothes, and it is also anti-scratch – which is good when your ironing over those shirt buttons quickly.

Our favourite from the Focus range is the Forever Star which has a fantastic electronic control panel and an automatic cable winder. Perfect for fast-paced modern living. The control panel will tell you when the steam is ready, when the water level is getting low, and will cleverly signal when more Kalstop needs to be added to the tank. With 5 bar pressure, a large 1.1 litre tank capacity and a 3 level steam output this iron really does make ironing large amounts so much easier and quicker.

After all that we hope you now realise why we love Polti products so much!

To see the full Polti range just follow the following link –

Dualit Commercial Range

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Dualit have long out performed any manufacturer in the performance, quality and  style in their small domestic appliances.  Now we have all of their commercial items too; heavy duty conveyor toasters which can give out an awesome 1 piece of toast every 10 seconds, specialist pannini grills for sumptuous panninis.