With so many brands and designs on the market it can be a bit confusing when it comes to deciding which DAB digital radio to buy. If you’re not especially tech savvy then the choice can be overwhelming but there are a few easy ways to narrow down your choices and to pick out the radio that best suits your needs.

Obviously, you might have budget constraints and this is good way to begin your search, by eliminating anything that’s beyond your budget. However, if your budget is a little more flexible then it comes down to choosing the features that you think are most relevant to you.

Battery or Mains?
If your radio is going to be kept in pretty much the same place and there’s no need for it to work from battery power then you can stick to mains-only radios. The Roberts Glow Time CRD51 is an excellent choice in this category and would make an ideal bedside radio. If you’re looking for more flexibility in terms of moving the radio from room to room, then you might consider a portable radio like the Roberts Revival RD-60. This features a classic retro design and comes in a great choice of colours so you can work with your interior design! For real freedom, you could always choose solar power. The Roberts Solar Powered DAB is the first solar powered radio to hit the shelves and it’s already had really positive feedback.


Radio or Hi-Fi System
Another choice you need to make is whether you just want the radio or you’re looking for a total music set-up. The latter will offer all the features of a DAB radio but with added extras. For example, the Roberts Sound MP53 comes with an iPod dock and a CD player so you’ve got options for playing or listening to all of your music. Its highly desirable design means you can have as the centerpiece of the room and the sound system has been highly rated.

The most important thing is to take your time and consider all the options and features. We’ve got plenty of impartial reviews on the site to help you make your decision and read what other people have to say about the products on offer.