Fantastic radios from Roberts

Roberts Radio Ltd was founded in 1932 by Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead. Since then company has grown slowly but surely and today Roberts radios are sold around the world, from Japan to USA.

In the 75 years the company has been making radios, Roberts has formed a reputation for producing quality radios that are extremely reliable and innovative. That is why today there are approximately 2000 shops throughout the UK that stock, and sell, Roberts radios – including the now iconic Revival radio (see earlier blog posts), which is instantly recognizable, and very stylish.

Roberts created the “first truly portable DAB/WiFi radio” when they made the Stream 202, and the “world’s first Solar DAB radio”, which not only looks good but is kind to the environment. In fact, Roberts have a range of radios which are eco friendly – these products are energy efficient as they have increased battery life and reduced power consumption. For example, the Ecologic Gemini21 has up to 150 hours of battery life, and the new Expression runs for up to 100 hours on its battery – that means these portable radios can be used in the garden, or taken on picnics to the park or beach, and there is no fear of your summer soundtrack running out midway through the day!

All products are packaged using cardboard made from recycled waste paper, and can of course by recycled again. Roberts Radio also has a fantastic repair centre, so if your radio does break (very rare) then it can be sent away and fixed, instead of being thrown away. All this means you can do your bit to save the environment, but the best bit is that it all saves you money, and we all know how precious pennies are these days!

Roberts radios and accessories are available from Go-Electrical and start from just £20.90 for a clock radio. Bargain!

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