More smart technology from Samsung

Smart technology from Samsung home cinema has come to Go-Electrical. Purchase the newest Samsung televisions from We now also have the Home Cinema range so you can enjoy a truly inclusive viewing experience.

There are Soundbars and Theatre Systems available from Samsung. The Soundbar is a speaker which offers premium sound in the home. The Theatre System includes multiple speakers and a media player (usually DVD or Blu-ray).

The Samsung HW-F751 Soundbar

The Samsung HW-F751 Soundbar is brilliant if you want to get the cinematic experience at home. It matches wirelessly with a 46” Samsung TV so that there is no need for a separate remote control.  It’s sleek silver finish blends seamlessly side by side with the new Samsung televisions without looking like an “add-on”. This Soundbar also comes with a Valve Amplifier to filters out unnecessary noise. So you can enjoy only the purest sound whilst watching your favourite film or documentary.  This Soundbar also features a sensor which detects the speakers’ position and it then alters the sound output accordingly so the sound is perfect.

Samsung HT-E350 Home Theatre System

The Samsung HT-E350 Home Theatre System features five speakers and a DVD player. Place the speakers around the room to experience a true surround sound experience. Power bass technology means that the system produces a deeper, smoother and richer sound. The low notes are still delivered to the viewer. The HT-E350 also has another clever feature; Smart Volume. Smart volume means that with  a few adjustments and settings, the viewer doesn’t need to fuss about the volume level.  From TV to DVD, all channels become balanced.

Smart technology from Samsung

The top of the range Home Theatre System is the Samsung HT-F9750W which consists of a 3D Blu-ray & DVD system and an incredible seven speakers. Including a Dualit Unit Subwoofer. This amazing piece of kit is definitely for the die-hard film buffs who like to see, hear and feel a film. Despite the amount of pieces the HT-F9750W is very easy to set-up. This easy set-up is thanks to Samsung’s clever intuitive graphical user interface which means even the most tech-phobic user can be enjoying surround sound in super-fast time.

If a Soundbar or a Home Theatre System sounds like something you would like to have in your home, then visit our Home Cinema pages here, and if you haven’t yet discovered the brilliant new Samsung televisions then you can find out about them on our website, or by visiting our previous blog post on them.

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