A Dualit toaster

Invest in British manufacturing with a Dualit Toaster. “This clever toaster does all the thinking to produce perfect toast from the 1st to the 500th slice.”

The Dualit Catering Toaster (49900) is the first truly commercial pop-up toaster designed by Dualit. The only pop-up toasters Dualit made until now were the Lite range. The 49900 is ideal for continual, day in day out use. It is perfect for breakfast time in a guest house or café which might not have the need for a massive conveyor toaster.

The toaster is “foolproof” according to Dualit. Drop in the bread and lower the lever for the toast to automatically pop-up when ready. It features an intelligent browning system – simply set the browning control for a specific type of bread. The toaster auto-adjusts the time to ensure consistent browning from the first to the last slice. This Dualit toaster has spring-loaded slots which centre the bread so the outcome is evenly browned toast time after time.  The slots of the toaster are 30mm wide so you can serve chunky slices. The two sides of the toaster and individually controlled which is another reason why the Pop-Up toaster is ideal for multi-service use.

Proheat Elements

Like other Dualit toasters the 49900 features the Proheat elements which are exclusive to Dualit. ProHeat elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament so they are super strong.  The patented ProHeat elements are capable of toasting up to 120-533 slices of bread an hour. You would be forgiven for worrying about how long the toaster would last. Panic not ! Every part of the toaster can be replaced just like the domestic Vario and Combi models.

Weighing 7.5kg and measuring 23cm x 35cm x 34cm (HxWxD) the 49900 toaster is very robust and sturdy. Made from Stainless Steel the toaster is easy to keep clean, and will fit into an industrial kitchen easily.

The Dualit Catering Toaster (49900) is available now from Go-Electrical for £270.00