Polti Steam Irons

Polti was established in 1978 by Franco Polti, when he created the Vaporella – the first steam iron with separate boiler for domestic use. With Vaporella, Polti opened up a new market and today Polti sells more than 10 million appliances every year in Europe alone.

Vaporella meant that households could iron to a professional level because of the super-powerful, ultra-fine jet of steam. The jet was so powerful that it removed every last crease and wrinkle from clothes before the iron soleplate even touched the fabric!

The original technology that Franco Polti came up with has only been improved on, and the professional results achieved in 1978 are even better today;

* The holes of Vaporella irons are concentrated at the tip of the plate, and are placed in a certain formation. This design means that the iron is only required to be passed over garmets once, instead of numerous times.

* The pressure of the dry steam created by the iron, gently infiltrates the materials fibres and effortlessly removes any creases. This powerful dry steam means that it is possible to iron folded sheets or multiple layers of fabric, quickly and effectively. The irons hot sole plate dries the fabric, and ensures that the smoothness created by the steam is fixed.

* Polti iron soleplates are made from either Aluminium or Ceramic (on the new Focus models). Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and heat is distributed evenly. This means that clothes are less likely to get damaged by excessive heat, and the iron can be used for extended periods of time. Ceramic is commonly used for hair appliances such as straighteners and curling wands, and it has anti-stick and anti-scratch properties. Again, this kind of soleplate can get to very high temperatures for extended periods, and not damage fabrics.

*All iron handles are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind. Polti is famous for producing irons with cork handles, and this is because cork is naturally ultra-lightweight and is very insulating so it is safe and comfortable. If they do not have a cork handle, the irons will have a soft-touch handle that is heat resistant and comfortable to grip.

Go-Electrical is a Polti approved internet retailer, and offers you Polti appliances at some brilliant prices. At the moment the Vaporella Fashion Silver iron, the Vaporella Forever 600 and the Forever 1400 Focus are on sale for unbeatable prices.

The Fashion Silver has a boiler volume of 1 litre and is capable of producing up to 70g/min of steam and 3.5 bar of pressure. It has the traditional Polti cork handle and aluminium sole plate.

The Forever 600 has 3 level electronic steam adjustment, and continuous refill feature meaning you can just keep ironing and ironing. It has a soft touch handle, removable water tank and produces up to 100g/min of steam.

The Forever 1400 Focus is one of the new irons launched earlier this year. It features a ceramic soleplate, a stylish ergonomic soft touch handle and automatic cable winder. It can produce 5 bar of steam pressure and 150g/min of steam. It also has a built in no-calc system and can be continuously refilled.

Take a look at the full range of Polti irons by clicking HERE

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