This is the first and hopefully of many Editor's product of the week and to start of it is an old favourite the Dualit Lite 4 slot toaster!

Released late last year in addition the rest of the highly successful 4 and 2 slice range. The first major difference you will now notice is the fact it has 4 individual slots instead of 2 big slots. Personally I much prefer this as it does look a lot nicer and a lot better when sat on your counter.

Like all the other Lite toasters it has Peek and Pop function which is a welcome addition, basically it allows for you to bring up your toast to see if it's done without disturbing your current programme and avoiding burnt toast.

A new bagel function is a great addition meaning perfect bagels in the morning, crisp on the outside, warm and soft on the inside ideal for spreading cream cheese on as a morning snack.

Another notable change is the conversion from soft touch rubber which personally I loved but countless people hated and now the toaster is encased in a sublime glossy finish making it look like one of the more expensive Dualit vario models.

As with all Dualit products different colours come as standard, with the Lite toasters it comes in black, cream and red which isn't as extensive a range as the Vario is still a good selection.

I would highly recommend the 4 slot Lite toaster to anyone wanting a great value, easy to use Dualit product.



Check back next week to see what my product of the week will be!