The Pure move has sold exceptionally well over the last year or so and with summer coming a time where portable radios are very popular for sitting out in the garden or in the park with I thought I would take a look and see what all the fuss was about.

Pictures I had already seen did make the Move look a little dated but that conception was well and truly gone after opening the box. In a smooth brushed metal effect fascia it looks superb the pictures on the internet do not do it justice, the back is a black soft touch rubber effect which looks good but also adds extra grip for when being carried. Another brilliant design feature is the kickstand on the back to give it additional support which feels sturdy and keeps the Move stable.

In terms of size and weight the Move scores well easily held in your hand weighing very little makes it easy to pop into a bag and go.

In the box you get a mains adapter so you can charge the integrated battery, the Move and a manual. Lots of cardboard and no polystyrene I definitely give Pure the thumbs up on their packaging policy.

Portable DAB radios are power guzzlers and need the necessary batteries to go with them, unlike the majority of portable radios which require umpteen AA batteries the Move comes with an inbuilt Chargepak which itself is worth about £30 in itself is always bonus. It is claimed by pure to have a running time of 40 hours - quite a claim, but to be fair it does hold up we got about 38/39 hours in our first couple of tests which by most standards is very good.

Where I tested it it is a very low DAB signal area and is for miles around but the Move performed very well with a bit of breakup but nothing horrendous, it also picked up a wide variety of stations a couple more than our dedicated DAB radio which was a nice surprise. However with an external antennae I'm sure we could've got better signal with more time and patience.

The Move differs from the PocketDAB 1500 in that is has an integrated speaker which is fine for on the go listening, however should you listen to it for a long period of time I would recommend going for something with bigger speakers. I also tested the playback through headphones which again was good but nothing substantial.

An interesting feature is the Aux-in allowing you to play your audio devices through the move speaker should you want a change. Again this worked well and is fine for using on the go. The other connection is a micro USB port which will be used for future software upgrades.

What you really have to give the move credit for is ease of use, many radios I have found make even accessing the most common of functions a complete faff the Move doesn't. Power on at the side boots up the move in about 10-15 seconds as it needs time to tune in. On the fascia you have menu button if you really want to play about with settings and then a DAB/FM button for easy switching, an info and preset button if you want so set favourite stations and info if you want a bit more information about which station you have ( a function that didn't work particularly well but I think that is more to do with the signal we get). In the centre is a nub for switching station/tuning depending on whether you are on DAB or FM or for changing volume depending on which way you push. I did like the nub it was simple to use and quite sturdy giving good feedback when you push it. An interesting yet fairly useless feature is the keylock on the side which I suppose could be used if you put the Move in a bag but apart from that answers on a post card please!

After having quite a play with the Pure Move I can see why it has sold very well, its stylish, performs well and is at a very good price point of around £70. To be honest I can't really find a fault yes the sound and reception quality could be better but for a portable DAB radio it performs brilliantly.