Small and compact but packing a punch…

Magimix seem to have been reading the same interior design magazines as ourselves, as they have just launched the ‘Le Mini’ food processor in 9 bright and vivid colours, meaning there is now 11 different finishes to choose from. We told you earlier in the year that colour was going to be big for 2012, and it seems that manufactures agree.

The Magimix ‘Le Mini’ food processor is a small product designed for the chef who has limited space, but big culinary ideas and needs. It still accommodates most of the functions a larger version would, so there is no need for lots of different gadgets or gizmos cluttering up the work surface. This powerful mini food processor has attachments to mix, grate, slice, chop, whisk, knead and liquidise your ingredients, and with one speed and a pulse function it definitely won’t confuse even the most novice cook.

The ‘Le Mini’ has definitely been designed to be easy to use – it features an automatic motor, which cleverly varies in power intuitively, to suit whatever ingredients are being blended, and comes with 2 different sized bowls so it is possible to create very small quantities with out too much hassle. The BlenderMix attachment is ideal for finely blending soups, milkshakes and smoothies, and best of all – all the bowls and blades are dishwasher safe, so no stress when it comes to the washing up!

If you think that the  ‘Le Mini’ might be the appliance for you, all you need to do is choose your colour (the bit that I can’t do). How about hot pink? Vivid violet? Lime green? Or maybe even tangerine orange? Ooooh it’s tricky…

Visit our Magimix pages to view the entire food processor range from Micro choppers right through to a big food processor that will cater for 6. All come with a range of accessories, and if you get stuck choosing you can take a minute to check out the helpful food processor guide.

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