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Bosch Tassimo Joy – bring on the hot beverages

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Go-Electrical now has the newest Tassimo hot drinks makers available to purchase, at a great price. The Tassimo Joy by Bosch is available in Black, Red or White and starts from just £128.00. Why should you consider a Tassimo? Here’s why…

The Bosch Tassimo Joy is a multi beverage drinks machine which offers over 35 varieties of drinks including tea, coffee and hot chocolate from well-known drinks brands such as Costa, Twinnings, Kenco and Cadbury. Have a hot beverage ready just by pushing a button, and the clever Tassimo will do everything for you – it even recognises the ‘T-disc’ (pod/capsule) which is being used by using its intelligent barcode technology meaning it knows exactly how much water to use, and what temperature the drink should be served at.

Team the three colour options with a modern design and you have a drinks maker which is perfect for any modern kitchen, and the features of the Tassimo Joy are just what a modern home needs;

Low energy consumption – energy saving stand-by mode

LED interface shows current status and information

Machine advises when de-scaling is required

Dishwasher safe parts

Innovative flow heater technology – super fast heat up time

The appliance has been designed so that there is no taste-transfer between different drinks. You can make a hot chocolate and then a tea with out any problems. T-discs can be purchased through the Tassimo website or your local supermarket. If you purchase a Tassimo don’t forget to register it on the Tassimo website to receive £20 off your next order through the site.

To learn more about the Tassimo Joy visit the Go-Electrical website now – to view the full Tassimo range view our Bosch pages.

Your favourite hot drinks made easy…

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

As a nation, Great Britain drinks a lot of hot beverages. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are drunk on a daily basis, even when the sun is shining and the temperature is up. I recently read an article stating that on average we spend over £3000 a year on takeaway hot drinks – do you have a latte on the way to work every morning? Well you may be closer to £4000! That’s a lot of money, and it got us thinking in the Go-Electrical office, surely there is a way to have a coffee on the way to work every morning without breaking the bank?

Well there is, and yes it may involve bulk buying paper cups, or being environmentally friendly and buying a thermal travel mug (you can get ones that look like takeaway coffee cups) but the amount of money you will save will be worth it – just think where you could go on holiday…

Bosch is a brand that is recognised world wide and they have a product that is perfect for any hot drinks connoisseur. The Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser delivers BRITA filtered water, ready heated straight to your cup at the touch of a button. The Filtrino heats up to boiling in about 40 seconds and it only heats up the amount of water required. It can produce water at room temperature, 70°C for white teas, 80°C for green teas, 90° for instant coffee or hot chocolate, and of course boiling water for everything else, and it will also serve 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml or 300ml servings at the touch of a button.

If you would prefer a complete Hot drinks maker, maybe the Bosch Tassimo is for you. The TAS4012 Tassimo is a multi-beverage machine and it automatically prepares freshly brewed hot drinks at the push of a button by using the Tassimo T Discs. A large variety of high quality hot beverages such as freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate and tea can be made straight away in almost no time at all because the innovative flow heater system which means that there is virtually no heat-up time at start-up or between drinks. The patented T Discs feature technology which means that the machine can identify the disc via a bar code. This tells the machine the size of the drink, the brewing time and the precise temperature so it makes the perfect cup every time.

Tea may not be your thing. If that’s the case you may just need a coffee maker, and the Magimix Nespresso M100 (11310) is perfect for you.  Magimix has designed the 11310 so that it includes sophisticated technology, but is simple to use. Just turn on the coffee machine, select one of the Nespresso capsules (available in 16 blends) and push the handle down. No effort at all for tasty coffee time after time. Coffee capsules are sold in sleeves of 10 from the Nespresso Club, and prices per capsule differ between 29p and 33p depending on the blend chosen – that’s a lot cheaper than the high-street coffee shops.

Some people just prefer to stick to traditional kettles, but a kettle should look good as well as perform well. Our favourite kettles are the Dualit Axis jug kettle (72400), the Graef 1.2 litre kettle (WK85), the Alessi Hot-It (WA09/08) and the Bosch Styline kettle (TWK8633GB). All are stylish and reliable, and will get your morning caffeine hit to you with no glitches.



Hopefully, this blog has explained how easy it is to get a great cup of tea or coffee without spending a fortune. To find out more information about these products, just visit our hot-beverage best-sellers page

NEW brand alert – ASCASO

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

We are very excited to announce that Go-Electrical is now selling The Spanish brand Ascaso. The company manufacture quality coffee machines, and have been doing so since 1962. The range of coffee machines are still handmade in Barcelona by the highly skilled Ascaso artisan metal workers.

Baristas and coffee connoisseurs worldwide know and love Ascaso machines because they are robust enough to withstand vigorous daily use, and produce amazingly tasty coffee time and time again. There is a great range of machines available, in a stunning selection of colours and finishes, and all Ascaso coffee machines come with a two year warranty.

The Ascaso coffee machines are highly desirable products, and our favourite of the range is the ‘Dream’ model. These are fabulously stylish coffee machines with retro designed features, come in either powder coat painted colours or hand polished aluminium, and house state-of-the-art espresso technology to produce the best espresso, cappuccinos and lattes

The bodywork is handcrafted, rust free aluminium, and the gauges and switches are chrome finished to complete the retro look. With a fabulous 16 bar pressure and a high quality brass boiler, the Dream coffee machine is something to proudly display and friends and family will be green with envy, and the large 30 cup capacity water tank (1.3 litres) and be topped up while the machine is in use!

Other fabulous features;

*Panerello style steam wand with froth enhancer

* 3 way Solenoid anti-drip valve

*Warming tray

*Perfect for ground coffee, but conversion kits are available so ESE pods can be used

To take a closer look at the Ascaso machines available from Go-Electrical, visit our Ascaso page. Prices start from £299.99, and watch out for special offers.

Think ahead for Christmas, buy someone a Bosch Tassimo

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Okay, so it might be a little early to be thinking about Christmas but those months will fly by and if you’re not prepared you’ll have to hit the shops with the hoards in December. So, why not think ahead and start buying your presents now? There’s currently a great offer on at Go Electrical for one of the new range of Bosch Tassimo coffee makers. Whilst the original machine was pretty well-equipped in terms of features, the latest Tassimo is even more jam packed with buttons and gizmos that will get your hot drinks prepared in no time at all.


The new model comes with Brita water filter technology, as well as cup stand illumination and quiet brew technology and all at a special sale price. Of course, the great features that made this unit a hit in the first place are still there. It can brew a range of hot drinks that includes coffee varieties that would make most café owners jealous. In fact, at the touch of a button you can have any hot drink you fancy and the affordable price tag means you’ll end up paying far less than in a fancy café. The Tassimo range comes in a variety of colours and this coffee machine can sit proudly on display in your kitchen, as the styling is superb. And, if you can’t think of anyone to buy it for this Christmas, put it on your own Christmas list!

Crikey, its Krups

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Krups coffee grinder is an iconic piece of kitchen equipment, which now seems to have made it into the chef’s cupboard as well, as it can be used to grind spices as well as coffee beans. Anyway, Krups have developed a coffee maker that works specifically with the hugely popular Nespresso capsules and they’ve done it in style. The Krups Nespresso Essenza is a beautiful looking machine that has been pared down to the basics in order to minimise size and make it suitable for any sized kitchen.

Having said that, the size hasn’t in any way impeded the functions or the quality of the coffee that it produces. The machine incorporates Krups thermoblock technology, which means that the perfect espresso can be in your hands in just a minute. The machine uses water at the optimum temperature to create the best drink and there is reduced scaling. Other handy features include auto-ejection of used capsules, with a container that will hold up to ten capsules – so no running to the bin with errant capsules every time you make a coffee. The understated colours will enable the machine to blend into any kitchen seamlessly and you’ll soon find your Krups an indispensable addition to your kitchen gadgetry.

This is a really simple and sleek coffee machine and, because it has been designed to use only Nespresso capsules, its operation is extremely efficient and the results are wonderful. Hhhmm, time for a coffee…

Save Money in the Credit Crunch – Make your Own Coffee

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

As the credit crunch lumbers on, we’re all trying to make savings and cut costs in our everyday lives. Whilst it’s good to trim the corners on spending, life would be pretty depressing without at least a few treats and luxuries. However, freshly brewed coffee needn’t be taken out of the picture just because times are a little hard at the moment.


As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to “speculate to accumulate” and investing in a coffee machine can actually save you money. If you’re used to forking out a couple of pounds for a coffee every day on the way to work or when you’re out shopping then there is a way to curb the habit without giving up your caffeine. By investing in a coffee machine, you can brew your own café style drinks in the comfort of your own home. It won’t take too long to recoup your outlay and you can be enjoying fresh coffee in the meantime.

The Magimix Nespresso Machines are just one in a range of coffee makers that have been designed specifically with the Nespresso capsules in mind. So good are these coffee capsules that companies have seen fit to work products around them. These dinky machines offer compact coffee making facilities with all the functions you’d expect from a quality appliance. However, they’re so simple to use that you can be enjoying fresh espresso in a minute, with just the touch of a button. They can fit comfortably into even the smallest space and their affordability means you won’t be breaking the bank. In no time at all you’ll find yourself saving money by making your coffee at home, rather than buying it in a café on the way to work.