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Bugatti kitchen appliances are here!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

It may sound odd, but the newest brand to arrive on site is Bugatti. Yes, the very same Bugatti that manufacture the world famous cars.

Bugatti is a family run company and it was started in 1923. Initially producing cutlery and kitchen utensils all the products were handmade, but in 1926 they introduced a die-casting machine to the factory. Since then, Bugatti has become known as a luxurious and stylish brand – something that people around the world aspire to own; and now you can…

Bugatti Vera kettles have adjustable settings so you can get the perfect temperature for herbal teas and blended coffees whilst the Bugatti Volo toasters feature built-in warming racks and handy cages to make toasted sandwiches. If you have been searching high and low for a modern looking blender of coffee machine then look no further!

Take a look at the unique range of kitchen appliances which we now have available on the Go-Electrical website. The Vera Kettle, Volo toaster, Vela blender and Diva espresso machine are all available in a vibrant selection of colours and prices start from £170.00.


Clever coffee machines from Krups

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Go-Electrical are pleased to welcome a new range of Krups coffee machines to their site. Krups are known for manufacturing coffee machines for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, but they also make some impressive Bean-to-Cup machines, and these are the new arrivals which are now available on Go-Electrical.

Don’t be scared by the term bean –to-cup, all it means is that instead of popping in a capsule or pod of coffee, the machine needs to be filled with beans or ground coffee. People often think that using beans or ground coffee is messier or more effort, but that isn’t true with these fantastic machines.

The most impressive of the Krups bean-to-cup range is the Barista EA9000, and this machine means business. It is controlled by a touch-screen and features clever technology which will save your coffee preference (under your own name), so when you want a coffee all that’s required is a press of your name on the screen, and this clever technology doesn’t stop there – the EA9000 features a patented system for preparing milk based drinks. Just watch the video below to see what we mean.

The Barista EA9000 also has a unique self-cleaning system, it will take beans or ground coffee and has 15 bar pressure pump. Combine all this with a 1.7litre water tank, adjustable intensity and temperature settings and the

The Krups Barista EA9000 is the top of the range, so if your budget cannot stretch that far don’t panic. There are many more machines available and prices start from just £149.99. Why not take a quick look? You never know, you may change your mind about bean-to-cup coffee machines.ability to make two cups of coffee at the same time, and you really do have a brilliant, clever coffee machine.


Vintage inspired DeLonghi Icona range…

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

The DeLonghi Icona Vintage range is now available from Go-Electrical. This stylish range has been designed with 1950s Italy in mind, and brings to mind the glamour and sophistication of the era with the help of a smart colour palette and beautiful detailing.

The kettles and toasters are available in 5 colour options; Azure blue, beige, matt black, matt tan and olive green. The matching espresso machine is available in 4 colour options; Azure blue, beige, matt black and olive green.

All products need to be seen to be truly appreciated, but they are not all about style over substance. The four slice toaster features a defrost function, mid-cycle cancel function and variable browning control, whilst the kettle has an incredible 3kW rapid boiling element and a generous 1.7 litre capacity making it perfect for any home. The coffee machine is easy to use with just three buttons to operate and has 15 bar pump pressure. It features; a traditional milk frother, a removable 1.4L water tank and a built-in tamper. The coffee maker can also take ESE coffee pods if ground coffee is not your thing.

To view the full Icona Vintage range visit Go-Electrical now. Prices start from £81.99.

Crikey, its Krups

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Krups coffee grinder is an iconic piece of kitchen equipment, which now seems to have made it into the chef’s cupboard as well, as it can be used to grind spices as well as coffee beans. Anyway, Krups have developed a coffee maker that works specifically with the hugely popular Nespresso capsules and they’ve done it in style. The Krups Nespresso Essenza is a beautiful looking machine that has been pared down to the basics in order to minimise size and make it suitable for any sized kitchen.

Having said that, the size hasn’t in any way impeded the functions or the quality of the coffee that it produces. The machine incorporates Krups thermoblock technology, which means that the perfect espresso can be in your hands in just a minute. The machine uses water at the optimum temperature to create the best drink and there is reduced scaling. Other handy features include auto-ejection of used capsules, with a container that will hold up to ten capsules – so no running to the bin with errant capsules every time you make a coffee. The understated colours will enable the machine to blend into any kitchen seamlessly and you’ll soon find your Krups an indispensable addition to your kitchen gadgetry.

This is a really simple and sleek coffee machine and, because it has been designed to use only Nespresso capsules, its operation is extremely efficient and the results are wonderful. Hhhmm, time for a coffee…

Save Money in the Credit Crunch – Make your Own Coffee

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

As the credit crunch lumbers on, we’re all trying to make savings and cut costs in our everyday lives. Whilst it’s good to trim the corners on spending, life would be pretty depressing without at least a few treats and luxuries. However, freshly brewed coffee needn’t be taken out of the picture just because times are a little hard at the moment.


As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to “speculate to accumulate” and investing in a coffee machine can actually save you money. If you’re used to forking out a couple of pounds for a coffee every day on the way to work or when you’re out shopping then there is a way to curb the habit without giving up your caffeine. By investing in a coffee machine, you can brew your own café style drinks in the comfort of your own home. It won’t take too long to recoup your outlay and you can be enjoying fresh coffee in the meantime.

The Magimix Nespresso Machines are just one in a range of coffee makers that have been designed specifically with the Nespresso capsules in mind. So good are these coffee capsules that companies have seen fit to work products around them. These dinky machines offer compact coffee making facilities with all the functions you’d expect from a quality appliance. However, they’re so simple to use that you can be enjoying fresh espresso in a minute, with just the touch of a button. They can fit comfortably into even the smallest space and their affordability means you won’t be breaking the bank. In no time at all you’ll find yourself saving money by making your coffee at home, rather than buying it in a café on the way to work.