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A cut above the rest

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Fans of cooking, and amateur chefs listen up, we have news that may excite you. Go-Electrical has added Richardson Sheffield knives to its extensive selection of cookware brands.

Richardson Sheffield is a major supplier of kitchen knives and shears throughout the UK, and is a well-known name worldwide. The company has been producing the highest quality professional knives since 1839 and this is the reason why they are the number one knife brand in the UK.

There are a number of different knife ranges that Richardson Sheffield manufactures, and knives are available as singular items, or as part of a set with a knife block. They produce a knife sharpening steels, and their range of scissors and shears are not only sharp but they are comfortable to hold and very robust.

Here at Go-Electrical we have selected our favourite ranges, as we believe that our discerning customers will like these the most:

*Sabatier Trompette – These knives are more traditional in styling and carry a 25 year guarantee. They feature black handles with stainless steel rivets

*V Sabatier – Feature a classic full tang, 3 rivet handle for greater strength and balance, and a premium quality Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium high carbon stainless steel blade

*Richard Sheffield One70 – The best knife to date apparently, made from finest high carbon steel

*R:Vision – Beautifully evolved to create luxury, but the pioneering and contemporary design delivers exceptional performance

*Neo – Influenced by Japanese design, the blades are crafted from the finest quality steel to create much harder, stronger blades that also have significantly greater corrosion resistance.

*Midori – A key feature of the Midori knife range is its striking handle. The distinctive micarta handle moulds into the shape of your hand, but is styled in the traditional way to echo the wood that was originally used in Japanese knives.

*Kyu – The newest addition to the Japanese style knives, Kyu are stylish with a premium quality blade

Prices start from just £13.75. To view the full range visit out Richardson Sheffield homepage

Mason Cash – well known and coming soon

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Our catalog manager is always busy loading new, exciting products to the website, but we always get more excited when a new brand is going to be launched on Go-Electrical – and guess what, there is one heading your way shortly!

Mason Cash was established in the 1800’s and we are bringing the long established brand to our website very soon. Already a popular name in our retail shop, we decided we better share the famous bakeware with our online customers. We don’t want you missing out now, do we?

If you don’t recognise the name, you will be sure to recognise the classic cane mixing bowl, which has been used by generations of cooks – my grandmother uses one, and so does my mum, I think it is time I joined the clan of Mason Cash users! The timeless exterior design, and durability of the cane mixing bowl makes it an indispensable item for any cook. The signature cane bowl colouring (that is still used today) originally came from the natural colour of the clay in the Church Gresley area, but the iconic bowl is now available in different colours, such as red and blue.

You may also be familiar with the Mason Cash white pudding basin, which like the historic mixing bowl, is recognised all over the world. The Royal Christmas puddings are cooked in these simple but robust pudding basins – Mason Cash’s classic kitchenware is and has always been the choice of any discerning cook.

Keep an eye on our CookShop pages for the arrival of Mason Cash – expected in the New Year.