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Dualit’s new milk frother is here

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The Dualit ‘Lattecino’ proved to be one of Dualit’s most popular products, but now, Dualit has decided to completely re-engineer the product. The result is a product which will make the ‘Lattecino’ a distant memory – please welcome the new Dualit ‘Milk Frother’ (84145).

The cordless ‘Milk Frother’ looks a little bit like the old ‘Lattecino’, but is sleeker and has a handle which is more comfortable to hold. It also has a larger capacity, so two people can enjoy a hot, milky beverage at the same time. As before, the ‘Milk Frother’ produces hot milk, hot frothed milk or cold frothed milk in just two minutes, so the perfect latte, hot chocolate or milkshake is not far away. The ‘Milk Frother’ is a great partner for any coffee machine, but would be brilliant for livening up any instant drink.

Not only does the new ‘Milk Frother’ look different to the ‘Lattecino’ but the way it is built is different too. Dualit has moved the positioning of the whisk mechanism meaning that it now fits inside the jug, and it is not attached to the lid. This new whisk is removable and completely dishwasher safe, which will extend the life of the product as users will be able to ensure that any residue from the milk used is completely removed.

Just like the ‘Lattecino’ the new ‘Milk Frother’ has a non-stick coating inside for easy cleaning, and a wipe down outer casing. The soft-touch power button has a red or blue light behind depending on whether the milk is to be heated or cooled.

If you enjoy milky beverages, the Dualit ‘Milk Frother’ 84145 is the perfect product for you and your home, as it means no more heating milk in the microwave or on the stove. So much easier if, like me, you enjoy a cocoa before bed. Get yours from Go-Electrical now for only £49.95.

Dualit toasters and kettles in new Metallic finish

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

If you want to add a bit of a sparkle to your kitchen then the Dualit ‘Metallic’ toasters and kettles are exactly what you need. Available in red or black, these new finishes are perfect for anyone who is a bit of a show off.


The ‘Lite’ toasters are available in a 2 slice or 4 slice version, and the original colours have proved very popular since their launch. Available in red, black, cream, canvas white, metallic red and metallic black these toasters are perfect for those who want a Dualit toaster, but can’t quite stretch to the handmade ‘Vario’ models. The ‘Lite’ toasters have a ‘Peek n Pop’ feature which means that the toasting bread can be checked on during the toasting process – perfect toast every time.

The ‘Axis jug’ kettles have been available in a number of finishes for years, and are Go-Electrical’s biggest seller. The coloured-bodied kettles of this range are perfectly matched to the ‘Lite’ toasters and the new metallics are no exception – they will sit perfectly next to each other on the kitchen work top. Fast boiling and stylish you need look no further for a new kettle.

To find out more and purchase the metallic products just click the following links – prices start from £60

Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster Metallic Black (26215)

Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster Metallic Red (26211)

Dualit 4 Slice Lite Toaster Metallic Black (46215)

Dualit 4 Slice Lite Toaster Metallic Red (46211)

Dualit Axis Jug Kettle Metallic Black (72516)

Dualit Axis Jug Kettle Metallic Red (72515)

Your favourite hot drinks made easy…

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

As a nation, Great Britain drinks a lot of hot beverages. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are drunk on a daily basis, even when the sun is shining and the temperature is up. I recently read an article stating that on average we spend over £3000 a year on takeaway hot drinks – do you have a latte on the way to work every morning? Well you may be closer to £4000! That’s a lot of money, and it got us thinking in the Go-Electrical office, surely there is a way to have a coffee on the way to work every morning without breaking the bank?

Well there is, and yes it may involve bulk buying paper cups, or being environmentally friendly and buying a thermal travel mug (you can get ones that look like takeaway coffee cups) but the amount of money you will save will be worth it – just think where you could go on holiday…

Bosch is a brand that is recognised world wide and they have a product that is perfect for any hot drinks connoisseur. The Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser delivers BRITA filtered water, ready heated straight to your cup at the touch of a button. The Filtrino heats up to boiling in about 40 seconds and it only heats up the amount of water required. It can produce water at room temperature, 70°C for white teas, 80°C for green teas, 90° for instant coffee or hot chocolate, and of course boiling water for everything else, and it will also serve 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml or 300ml servings at the touch of a button.

If you would prefer a complete Hot drinks maker, maybe the Bosch Tassimo is for you. The TAS4012 Tassimo is a multi-beverage machine and it automatically prepares freshly brewed hot drinks at the push of a button by using the Tassimo T Discs. A large variety of high quality hot beverages such as freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate and tea can be made straight away in almost no time at all because the innovative flow heater system which means that there is virtually no heat-up time at start-up or between drinks. The patented T Discs feature technology which means that the machine can identify the disc via a bar code. This tells the machine the size of the drink, the brewing time and the precise temperature so it makes the perfect cup every time.

Tea may not be your thing. If that’s the case you may just need a coffee maker, and the Magimix Nespresso M100 (11310) is perfect for you.  Magimix has designed the 11310 so that it includes sophisticated technology, but is simple to use. Just turn on the coffee machine, select one of the Nespresso capsules (available in 16 blends) and push the handle down. No effort at all for tasty coffee time after time. Coffee capsules are sold in sleeves of 10 from the Nespresso Club, and prices per capsule differ between 29p and 33p depending on the blend chosen – that’s a lot cheaper than the high-street coffee shops.

Some people just prefer to stick to traditional kettles, but a kettle should look good as well as perform well. Our favourite kettles are the Dualit Axis jug kettle (72400), the Graef 1.2 litre kettle (WK85), the Alessi Hot-It (WA09/08) and the Bosch Styline kettle (TWK8633GB). All are stylish and reliable, and will get your morning caffeine hit to you with no glitches.



Hopefully, this blog has explained how easy it is to get a great cup of tea or coffee without spending a fortune. To find out more information about these products, just visit our hot-beverage best-sellers page

Wedding Season is underway…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The wedding bells are chiming, and every weekend seems to be filled with some friend or relative tying the knot. What to give the happy couple is always a dilemma no matter how well you know the bride or groom, so here at Go-Electrical we have created a list of must-buys to help you make your decision. Suiting a range of budgets the products we have selected would also make great anniversary presents. Why not take a look? You never know, your present might just be the one that the newly-weds love the most.

Be fashionable in 2012

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

According to the website colour is big for interiors in 2012;

“This year, we should all embrace colors that we wouldn’t normally associate, combine intense shades with balancing tones and think out of the box, giving our home a brand new personality. Dare to celebrate neon shades, using fluorescent green, yellow or pink, delivering thus new accent elements to your freshly decorated interior”

( 05/01/2012)

This got me thinking about how we can bring colour into our homes without tearing off the existing wallpaper, and painting the walls in clashing colours – can you imagine the headache – and I hit on the perfect conclusion…Coloured appliances and electricals.

Here at Go-Electrical we have a range of ‘Retro’ refrigerators that are available in some amazing colours. Whether it be a Gorenje or a Smeg, there is a fridge, or fridge freezer to match every budget and colour palette whether it be blue, pink or even candy striped (Smeg FAB28QCS £1279.90).

We also stock a fabulous range of Dualit toasters which are available in over 15 different colours. From a 2 slice Vario to a massive, family sized 6 slice toaster, Dualit should be the first port of call if you need a new toaster. Every part of the iconic appliances are replaceable which means your Dualit toaster could outlive you (grim thought, sorry!) and with Swiss-made timers used on every model you can expect nothing but reliable performance and perfect toast time after time.

To add a splash of colour to your kitchen and be in with the ‘cool crowd’ why not spend your hard earned cash (or Christmas money) on a KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer? If you saw any of the lifestyle programs on TV last year, such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’, ‘Saturday Kitchen’ and ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Britain’ you couldn’t miss the KitchenAid mixer being used, or casually positioned in the background shots. This prominence in the media has made the mixers extremely sought after, and some colours sell out almost instantly. The mixers are available in over 25 colours, and open up endless possibilities in the kitchen because of the amazing range of accessories that are available for them. Homemade pasta anyone?

Even music lovers do not have to miss out on adding a bit of colour to their homes. PURE and Roberts Radio both make portable radios in a range of colours. The PURE Evoke Mio DAB/FM model is available in Teal, Lava, Cherry and Grape, while there is over 15 colours of Roberts RD60 Revival radios to choose from including a Union Jack print. Sounds cool to me.

Hopefully, this has convinced you that you don’t need to redecorate your whole house to be in with the fashionable crowd in 2012. Why not explore the Go-Electrical website further to see what else you can find in some lovely bright colours?

NEW – Dualit Mini oven, blender and coffee grinder…

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

To say that we are obsessed by Dualit is definitely an understatement. You should see our warehouse, we have so much Dualit stock that we often can’t walk down the aisles – it is more like an obstacle course. So, to say that we were excited to receive news from Dualit of new products is, again, an understatement.

When the original Dualit 89000 Mini Oven was discontinued we had plenty of people complain that they couldn’t get their hands on one, and we are now pleased to say that there is a new and improved mini oven landing in November. The 89200 is an 18 litre capacity mini oven in stainless steel which heats from room temperature to 180˚C in three minutes, and 230˚C in less than five minutes.

It features a double glazed door for extra insulation, and so that you can keep an eye on your dishes as they cook – the last thing you want is for your creations to burn, and it comes with a 9” pizza pan, a grill and pan rack and a wire shelf as standard. The mini oven is super easy to keep clean as it has non-stick parts and a full width removable crumb/drip tray. Not only can it be used to defrost, grill and bake, it also has a convection cooking setting, making it the perfect all-rounder.

The Dualit 89200 is a compact addition to the kitchen when you need more cooking space (like at Christmas), but its versatility means it can be used in small spaces like caravans. We believe that anyone who missed out on the original will be very happy to accept the 89200 mini oven into their kitchen.

The second new product (that will be available in October) is a new coffee grinder. The original 75002 was very popular, and the brand new 75015 will be even more so.

This conical burr grinder produces ground coffee to enable you to make a perfect cup of coffee every time. It has ten grind settings and a large 250g hopper – whether you are a fan of percolated coffee, filter coffee or espresso you will be able to produce the exact texture required, and grind up to 35 portions without having to refill the beans. The grinder’s powerful motor and gear reductions means that the ground coffee produced is consistent and keeps the maximum aroma. The burrs are easily removed for cleaning which also means that if you decide to change to a different bean, the flavour won’t be affected.

The Dualit 75015 coffee grinder is a must-buy for any coffee connoisseur.

Last, but definitely not least in the new Dualit 83800 blender, which will be available early December. We predict that it will be a big seller, so get an order placed as soon as you can!

This new blender has been designed to make a smoother drink, and features unique technology to get the perfect result. The 83800 has a powerful 1000W motor which means it can tackle tough ingredients, or pulverise purées, in seconds, and it has a great ‘Auto-Pulse’ function – the soft-start ‘Anti-bounce’ pulse actions ensures that the mixture has maximum contact with the six blades. Yes, that is correct, six blades! The six-prong blade can be removed easily for cleaning, but more importantly it has been precision engineered for “smoother smoothies”. The two horned blades spear larger pieces in the mixture, the serrated blades pulverise solid pieces and the dipped blades direct smaller pieces back into the central zone. This teamed with the two unique fins on the inside of the jar makes up Dualit’s VortecS® Technology – “a multi-dimensional mixing action” for creamier soups and brilliant smoothies.

Mentioning the jar, I should probably tell you that it is a Triton® jar. Triton® is safer than glass and is shatterproof. It is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and, of course, dishwasher safe. Controlling the blender is easy to do, as it has seven controls including an ice-crushing setting, and four pre-set speeds.

The Dualit 83800 blender is the perfect addition to any kitchen (as it comes in a chrome finish it will go, don’t worry!) and will be one of those appliances that you just feel the need to use all the time.

Take a look at the full range of Dualit products on our website, and see what else you can find to take your fancy. Honestly, we believe you will become as obsessed as we are!

Juice, Juicy, Juicier…

Monday, July 4th, 2011

In the past few years there has been a lot of talk about the benefits that juicing can have, and how good it is for a healthy body. I have never really paid any attention before, believing that fruit and vegetable juice was thick, green and a bit stomach churning but I have recently discovered that this is definitely not the case. There are some very tasty recipes around, and it makes a change that something is extremely good for you, actually tastes good!

The benefits of juicing:

Juicing fruit and vegetables means that your body can absorb larger amounts of nutrients more effectively. The body doesn’t need to digest the food so the vitamins and minerals in the juice are absorbed quicker than usual.

If you think about the ‘five a day’ advise, you have to eat the recommended portion size of five different things every day. With juicing you use more fruit and vegetables than you can actually probably eat – its relatively easy to drink enough juice to obtain sufficient amounts of powerful nutrients, especially because juicing makes them so concentrated.

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain lots of brilliant enzymes – enzymes increase your metabolic rate, which means you can burn calories faster. Brilliant if you are trying to lose weight.

We all know how important the liver is, and juicing is a great way of looking after your liver. Certain nutrients are needed to help the liver detoxify, and seen as though the liver has over 700 functions it’s a good idea to look after it! Antioxidents beta-carotene, vitamin C and E and N-acetyle cysteine are all potent liver cleansers, and are all found in fruit and vegetables.

Not only that, the antioxidants from fruit and vegetables contain a wide range of plant chemicals called phytochemicals, and these amazing things been found to have anti-cancer properties.

Vitamin C, E, potassium and magnesium are important for improving the cardiovascular system, and maintaining a healthy heart. Blackberries, kiwi, asparagus and spinach and incredibly rich in all these things – now when would you ever eat those four things together normally? Juicing means it is easier (and probably tastier) to do just that.

Now, be honest, did you know all that about juicing? No, me neither!

Go-Electrical currently have juicers by Dualit and Magimix at brilliant prices, so don’t hesitate in buying one – just think of your health!  The Dualit 88305 is well built and sturdy, it has a large feeding tube which allows for minimum effort, and it features an extra capacity jug. The Magimix juicers come in standard, XL or XL Plus, and are not only available in black and silver, but red, cream and white too. As you would expect with Magimix products they are well made and very reliable.

Once you have purchased your new juicer, why not try one of these tasty recipes to give yourself a boost of energy and kick start better health. Tasty, easy and incredibly good for you!

Green Energiser;

2 Apples

Half Cucumber

Half Lemon (peeled)

Half cup Kale

Half cup Spinach

Quarter bunch Celery

Quarter bulb Fennel

1” Ginger

Quarter head Romaine Lettuce

Sweet Green;

1 Cucumber

1 Carrott

1 green Apple

Quarter cup Parsely

Quarter cup Mint

1 stalk Celery

½” Ginger

Half Lemon (peeled)

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet…

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


Father’s Day ideas

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011



60 Minute Makeover pictures

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

So, we have already told you about being approached by ITV1 and supplying a Pink Dualit 2 slice toaster to 60 Minute Makeover for one of Linda Barker’s stylish designs – well, here are some photgraphs of the finished design. Just look how great the Dualit toaster looks; it is enough to make us break out our paintbrushes!