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Dyson Fan

Monday, May 10th, 2010


The new Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is very different from a conventional fan; it has no blades and this means that there is an uninterrupted stream of smooth air produced instead of, as the Dyson scientists call it – ‘buffeting’. This means it is a lot quieter than a normal fan. The design of the fan is very smooth and because of the lack of blades it is exceptionally easy to keep clean, also you instinctively want to put your arm inside the ring when it is switched on.

Despite the technology being so advanced, it is not difficult to operate at all. There is a small dimmer switch on the stand that increases and decreases the level of power and a button that switches on the 90 degree oscillation feature. By pushing the top half of the stand either backwards or forwards the head of the fan can be positioned and aimed up or down. This is easy and smooth but because the stand is not very large there is not a big angle created unlike conventional fan heads.

The fan is only available in a desktop style at the moment, with the 10 inch model available in two colour options and the 12 inch available in silver. At just under £200 the fan is a little pricey but for the level of technology, performance and look it is well worth the money.