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The Mighty Mini …. and other mighty grand artisan mixers

Friday, February 3rd, 2017


The Mighty Mini…and Other Mighty Grand Artisan Mixers

Introducing the NEW KitchenAid Mini Artisan Stand Mixer

Did you ever long to buy one of the fabulous and iconic KitchenAid Artsian Stand Mixers and did not have the room to store or display it? Wait no longer!  A hearty welcome to the new KitchenAid Mini Artisan Stand Mixer! With a bijou footprint, 20% smaller and 25% lighter than standard models,  the Mini Mixer will fit snugly into any smart, compact kitchen or utility while still demonstrating that well-loved design that is instantly recognizable.

p160245_10z_5ksm3311xhtDon’t be fooled by its more diminutive size. Heralded as the ‘Mighty Mini’, this appliance still packs a punch with the 250 watt air-cooled direct drive motor, full metal construction and premium finish.  The Mini also has a 3.3 litre mixing bowl which is more than enough to meet all of your baking requirements and can process up to 680 g of all-purpose flour and 8 egg whites (medium).   Not only that, this very neat appliance can be used as the driving hub for all the classic Artisan Mixer attachments so you can branch out to making pasta or using your mixer to slice and dice as well as mix. It’s every bit as fabulous and reliable as its bigger brother. Check out the video clips below to explore some different options.

From a design viewpoint,  the mini is simply a smaller version of the classic artisan stand mixer . It has the same smooth and elegant tilt-head format and is very easy to use and clean. Available in 4 colours you can choose from  2 lively,  vibrant shades – honeydew and hot sauce, or two classic, slightly muted, colours with more than a hint of sophistication -matte black and matte grey.  One things for sure, whichever colour you choose you will not be disappointed with this latest addition to the classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Range. And if you buy one this month get a free KitchenAid pasta roller attachment offers(by redemption) and two free gifts from Go-Electrical with every machine purchase. Just too good to miss!

Not Forgetting the Classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers



Its all happening at KitchenAid. Not only have they  introduced the Mighty Mini but they have adapted their range of original classic mixers. The Artisan 5KSM150 will ultimately be replaced by three new options –  the 5KSM125,  the 5KSM175 and the 5ksm175 Exclusive.   All three of these ‘mighty grand’ mixers have the same classic and beautiful design, original planetary mixing action for more efficient mixing and 10 speed settings. Its the same reliable,  easy-to use Artisan Stand Mixer, compatible with the classic attachments for that complete KitchenAid Artisan experience that you just cannot find elsewhere. The differences fall mainly in the colour range and accessories.  The 5KSM175 Exlusive mixers are available in Chrome, Nickel and Copper for the ultimate in sophisticated baking. Check the summary below to help you make your selection.













Magimix juicers and food processors get better and better

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Magimix have made some changes to their food processor and juicer lines, and here at Go-Electrical we like their thinking.

Let’s start with the juicer range; this consisted of the ‘Le Duo XL’ range available in four colours, and the ‘Le Duo Plus XL’ available in just one colour. Magimix have done some switching around and now the ‘Le Duo XL’ is only available in White (18020), whilst the ‘Le Duo Plus XL’ now comes in Black/Silver (18055), Cream (18043) and Black (18045). There is also a new model which has been named ‘Salad & Juice’ (18061). As before the ‘XL’ in the product title means that the juicers feed tube is extra large, and whole fruits and vegetables can be put inside with prior chopping.

The ‘Le Duo XL’ features a citrus press, spatula and recipe book, the ‘Le Duo Plus XL’ features a citrus press, spatula, recipe book and a ‘SmoothieMix’ which Magimix say is “for extracting nectars, smoothies or coulis from fruit and vegetables”, and the ‘Salad & Juice’ model  features all of the above but has a ‘Salad Kit’ and this consists of a vegetable preparation attachment which can slice and grate all kinds of veg to 2mm or 4mm in size.

Magimix have also redesigned inside the juicers. They now feature a new basket which has a removable rim, and this makes cleaning the appliance far quicker and easier. The spout is also easy clean and is designed  for extraction of juice straight into glass.

In the past on this blog we have spoken about the health benefits of juicing and why it is growing ever popular. The Magimix website states, “Nutritionists and Dieticians say that having at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Natural drinks made with [a juicer] allow you to enjoy the full goodness of fruit and vegetables”. So there really is no reason for hesitation – if you are already considering a juicer then look no further, a Magimix is the one to get.

Take a look at the Juicer pages of the Go-Electrical website for more information, and other juicer models.

The Magimix food processors are incredibly popular, and one of Go-Electrical’s best sellers. Magimix have listened to customer and retailer feedback and decided to reduce the size of the food processor range making it easier for potential buyers to decide on the model which is most suitable for their needs.

Previously the food processor range consisted of models in the following sub categories; ‘3200’, ‘3200XL’, ‘4200’, ‘4200XL’, ‘5200’ and ‘5200XL’. As with the juicer the ‘XL’ stands for ‘extra large’ and this relates to the feed tube – this extra-large feed tube means that vegetables do not need to be chopped up prior to being put in the appliance, and this saves time and washing up, and this could be one of the reasons why Magimix have decided to remove most of the non XL models from their range.

There are so many possibilities with a Magimix food processor, and the brilliant range of accessories that are available increase these possibilities even more – different discs and attachments for mashing and juicing mean that there are no limits. You can take care of your appliance and accessories too by purchasing a protective cover or disc rack – keep everything dust free and all together in the cupboard for those occasions when time is short and faffing needs to be kept at a minimum.

The full Magimix food processor range is now as follows;

3200 White (18326) and Satin (18328)

3200XL Satin (18334)

4200XL White (18431), Cream (18435), Red (18432) and Satin (18434)

5200XL Chrome (18533) and Satin (18534)

5200XL Premium  in ten colour options

To see all the current Magimix food processor range, including micro choppers and mini food processors visit Go-Electrical’s food processor pages.



The Magimix 5200XL rainbow has reached Go-Electrical

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

If you like the bright and colourful Magimix ‘Le Mini’ Plus food processors then you will definitely like the new 5200XL models that have been launched. Magimix decided that people who need a larger food processor shouldn’t have to miss out on adding some colour to their kitchen, so the 5200XL food processor is now available in eight colours.

Previously the 5200XL was only available in a Satin (brushed) Steel finish, but now it comes in white, cream, black, red, orange, yellow, night blue and pink as well. These ‘Premium’ models have everything you would expect from a Magimix:

*1100 watt motor

*3 year parts and 12 year motor warranties

*Dishwasher safe 1.2 litre mini bowl, 2.6 litre midi bowl and 3.6 litre main bowl

*Main blade, mini blade, SmoothieMix kit, Dough bowl and blade, Mash and Puree kit, Blendermix attachment, egg whisk, 2mm and 4mm slicing/grating discs, parmesan disc, citrus press, spatula, blade box and a recipe book.

Take a look at the full range of Magimix food processors on the Go-Electrical website, and if you purchase before 24th December 2012 you will be able to claim a FREE gift from Magimix worth £100. 


Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machines

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

The newest Nespresso coffee machine is now available from Go-Electrical, let us introduce you to the Gran Maestria (11335) and Maestria (11330)

Gran Maestria:

Aluminium body

Fast heat up 25 seconds

Energy friendly with 9 min auto shut off

Cable storage

Backlit capsule container

Descaling alarm

Programmable modes

Fine tuneable coffee volumes

Adjustable for short or long cups

Features a new style aeroccino with 4 settings

Automatic cup heater

1.4 litre water tank


Aluminium body

Fast heat up 25 seconds

Energy friendly with 9-min auto shut off

Cable storage

Backlit capsule container

Descaling alarm

Programmable modes

Fine tuneable coffee volumes

Adjustable for short or long cups

Professional steampipe

1.4 litre water tank

As always, both machines take the Nespresso coffee capsules (or Grands Crus) which are available in 16 different blends including three decaffeinated blends so you can enjoy a good coffee before bed, and still get to sleep.

Twice a year Nespresso bring out three special blends as limited edition treats, and if you visit the Nespresso website you can find more information about these three blends, including some tasty recipes that you can use the coffee in.

The Gran Maestria and the Maestria are available to purchase from Go-Electrical now and prices start from £349.99

Your favourite hot drinks made easy…

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

As a nation, Great Britain drinks a lot of hot beverages. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are drunk on a daily basis, even when the sun is shining and the temperature is up. I recently read an article stating that on average we spend over £3000 a year on takeaway hot drinks – do you have a latte on the way to work every morning? Well you may be closer to £4000! That’s a lot of money, and it got us thinking in the Go-Electrical office, surely there is a way to have a coffee on the way to work every morning without breaking the bank?

Well there is, and yes it may involve bulk buying paper cups, or being environmentally friendly and buying a thermal travel mug (you can get ones that look like takeaway coffee cups) but the amount of money you will save will be worth it – just think where you could go on holiday…

Bosch is a brand that is recognised world wide and they have a product that is perfect for any hot drinks connoisseur. The Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser delivers BRITA filtered water, ready heated straight to your cup at the touch of a button. The Filtrino heats up to boiling in about 40 seconds and it only heats up the amount of water required. It can produce water at room temperature, 70°C for white teas, 80°C for green teas, 90° for instant coffee or hot chocolate, and of course boiling water for everything else, and it will also serve 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml or 300ml servings at the touch of a button.

If you would prefer a complete Hot drinks maker, maybe the Bosch Tassimo is for you. The TAS4012 Tassimo is a multi-beverage machine and it automatically prepares freshly brewed hot drinks at the push of a button by using the Tassimo T Discs. A large variety of high quality hot beverages such as freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate and tea can be made straight away in almost no time at all because the innovative flow heater system which means that there is virtually no heat-up time at start-up or between drinks. The patented T Discs feature technology which means that the machine can identify the disc via a bar code. This tells the machine the size of the drink, the brewing time and the precise temperature so it makes the perfect cup every time.

Tea may not be your thing. If that’s the case you may just need a coffee maker, and the Magimix Nespresso M100 (11310) is perfect for you.  Magimix has designed the 11310 so that it includes sophisticated technology, but is simple to use. Just turn on the coffee machine, select one of the Nespresso capsules (available in 16 blends) and push the handle down. No effort at all for tasty coffee time after time. Coffee capsules are sold in sleeves of 10 from the Nespresso Club, and prices per capsule differ between 29p and 33p depending on the blend chosen – that’s a lot cheaper than the high-street coffee shops.

Some people just prefer to stick to traditional kettles, but a kettle should look good as well as perform well. Our favourite kettles are the Dualit Axis jug kettle (72400), the Graef 1.2 litre kettle (WK85), the Alessi Hot-It (WA09/08) and the Bosch Styline kettle (TWK8633GB). All are stylish and reliable, and will get your morning caffeine hit to you with no glitches.



Hopefully, this blog has explained how easy it is to get a great cup of tea or coffee without spending a fortune. To find out more information about these products, just visit our hot-beverage best-sellers page

Wedding Season is underway…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The wedding bells are chiming, and every weekend seems to be filled with some friend or relative tying the knot. What to give the happy couple is always a dilemma no matter how well you know the bride or groom, so here at Go-Electrical we have created a list of must-buys to help you make your decision. Suiting a range of budgets the products we have selected would also make great anniversary presents. Why not take a look? You never know, your present might just be the one that the newly-weds love the most.

Small and compact but packing a punch…

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Magimix seem to have been reading the same interior design magazines as ourselves, as they have just launched the ‘Le Mini’ food processor in 9 bright and vivid colours, meaning there is now 11 different finishes to choose from. We told you earlier in the year that colour was going to be big for 2012, and it seems that manufactures agree.

The Magimix ‘Le Mini’ food processor is a small product designed for the chef who has limited space, but big culinary ideas and needs. It still accommodates most of the functions a larger version would, so there is no need for lots of different gadgets or gizmos cluttering up the work surface. This powerful mini food processor has attachments to mix, grate, slice, chop, whisk, knead and liquidise your ingredients, and with one speed and a pulse function it definitely won’t confuse even the most novice cook.

The ‘Le Mini’ has definitely been designed to be easy to use – it features an automatic motor, which cleverly varies in power intuitively, to suit whatever ingredients are being blended, and comes with 2 different sized bowls so it is possible to create very small quantities with out too much hassle. The BlenderMix attachment is ideal for finely blending soups, milkshakes and smoothies, and best of all – all the bowls and blades are dishwasher safe, so no stress when it comes to the washing up!

If you think that the  ‘Le Mini’ might be the appliance for you, all you need to do is choose your colour (the bit that I can’t do). How about hot pink? Vivid violet? Lime green? Or maybe even tangerine orange? Ooooh it’s tricky…

Visit our Magimix pages to view the entire food processor range from Micro choppers right through to a big food processor that will cater for 6. All come with a range of accessories, and if you get stuck choosing you can take a minute to check out the helpful food processor guide.

Ice-cream for the summer ahead…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

The sun is finally shining, the temperatures are slowly rising and the clocks change at the weekend so it means just one thing – Summer is on its way! Hurrah!

I know every year we all get really excited at the prospect of the sun shining continuously from April until September, or the fact that Mr Weatherman promises Indian summer temperatures, but then the good ol’ British weather lets us down and it rains or is freezing cold, but this year I’ve decided to make the most of whatever weather we are dealt (while keeping my fingers crossed for sun of course), and to do this I have decided that I am going to invest in an ice-cream maker. Yes, you heard me correctly, an ice-cream maker – my reasoning behind this decision is as follows;

1 – I like ice-cream. Simple.

2- During summer, being stuck inside an office, I average at least 4 ice-creams a week from May to August, that’s 64 (excluding ice lollies) in 4 months. An ice-cream cone costs £1.10 if not more – that means I spend almost £71 on ice-cream. Crikey! By buying an ice-cream maker, I would definitely save money in the long run.

3- I almost always have a tub of a very famous American duos ice-cream in my freezer, and unless it is on special offer at my local supermarket that is also a lot of money spent on ice-cream. Ooops! Please don’t tell my other half!

4- With an ice-cream maker you don’t just have to stick to vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavours, the possibilities are endless – especially if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Heston Blumenthal wanna-be…bacon and egg ice-cream anyone?

5- If the weather doesn’t live up to expectations, and it’s wet and miserable then I will be able to close the curtains and eat ice-cream imagining that I am laid on some far-flung exotic beach.

6- How impressed are my friends and family going to be when they pop round for a BBQ and I bring out home-made ice–cream? As I am not known for being a domestic goddess, the answer to that is, VERY!

Have I convinced you that this is a brilliant idea yet? Well, if not, maybe we should take a look at some of the ice-cream makers available…

The Magimix Le Glacier is easy to use, just pre-freeze the bowl for 8-12 hours and it then just takes 20 minutes to make the ice cream. The large feed tube and the see through lid that comes with the ‘Le Glacier’, mean that you are able to pour in the ingredients, while checking to see if your creation is ready or not.

The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Deluxe allows you to make ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbets and frozen drinks. Simply place the detachable 2 litre freezer bowl into your freezer the night before using it and the next day you can have a healthy and versatile dessert in just twenty to thirty minutes. Fully automatic, simply fill the bowl with your desired mixture and press on, and the open lid allows ingredients to be added while in motion.

The Magimix Gelato Chef is a top of the range model with a built-in freezer unit so there is no pre-freezing required. You simply turn it on, stick in the ingredients and after 20 minutes, you have ice cream. If you want large batches of ice cream, then this is the model you definitely want. It comes with a detachable inner bowl and a paddle to make one batch, then you can do another in the fixed bowl which also has a paddle as well, this way you can make multiple batches even quicker.

Go on, admit it, I’ve convinced you that making your own ice-cream is the way forward! If you have decided that my way of thinking is maybe not as bonkers as you first thought, why not take a look at the full range of ice-cream makers that Go-Electrical has to offer? Go on, just think of the summer!

Celebrity endorsed coffee machine…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

When the Nespresso Pixie was launched we instantly knew it was going to be a top-seller. Its tiny dimensions, ease of use and stylish look mean that it is brilliant for any household  – and now it seems BBC MasterChef judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace agree. In their Daily Mail column (Saturday 8th) John and Gregg selected the Magimix Pixie as one of the products to put on to your Christmas list.

The Pixie is 11cm wide making it perfect for kitchens that are short of space, and it heats water up in a tiny 25 seconds. It does this because of the improved Thermoblock technology inside, and it means that you can have the perfect cup of coffee in a fantastically quick time.

Not only is the Magimix Pixie compact and nice to look at (it’s available in three stylish colours) it is all extremely easy to use – all you need is the Nespresso capsules, which are available in a variety of different blends, and there you go – you have yourself a tasty coffee. It is also Eco-Friendly, which for more and more people these days is a brilliant reason to invest. The panels of the machine are made from recycled coffee capsules (which you can have collected and sent back to Nespresso by the way), and it has a fabulous power-save mode which saves 40% energy compared to other Nespresso coffee machines.

To make life easy there is an automatic and a programmable water quantity control, so you can set the Pixie to use the amount of water to make your coffee just how you like it, whether it be short or long, strong or weak. It features low water level detection with interactive lights, ergonomic capsule insertion and automatic used capsule ejection, a semi-automatic de-scale programme, cable storage (for ultimate compact storage) and like all Magimix items it comes with a brilliant 3 year guarantee.

What more could you want from a coffee machine? If you are thinking of adding a coffee machine to your Christmas wish list, the Pixie should be a serious contender. Available from Go-Electrical prices start from just £124.90 – a tiny price for such a great product.

New Magimix blender and toaster

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

So, Magimix have added a blender to their already extensive range of kitchen appliances, and as you would expect it is a decent piece of kit.

The Magimix Blender range is called ‘Le Blender’ its available in black (11610) and silver (11615), the silver coming with a mill attachment -more about that shortly. The blenders are relatively compact (38cm x 14cm x 12cm) and are sleek and simple in design. There is 1200W of power and the blades can do 600rpm – 1500rpm depending on what is being blitzed. It also has an energy saving mode. The body of the blender is made from aluminium and the jug is made of Borosilicate glass (which is the same thing that is used for laboratory equipment, like test tubes) and it is heat resistant. It is a large 1.8 litre capacity too, meaning it is perfect for a family kitchen.

Designed to be quiet, simple and powerful, the blender has a turbo pulse function, and four pre-set programmes for desserts, ice, soups and smoothies, but only has three buttons, and it completely comes apart for easy and quick cleaning. Featured is the Magimix exclusive ‘BlenderMix’ system which makes a finer blend – people who own one of the newer Magimix food processors will be familiar with BlenderMix technology, and as with all Magimix products the blender has the standard 3 year guarantee.

As said before, the Silver (11615) comes with a mill attachment. This has been specially designed to create purees, baby food and sauces, but the design of the blades means it is perfect for grinding spices and coffee too. This means there is no end to the things can be made with the ‘Le Blender’, and to help you get started there is a recipe book included with more than 80 recipes inside the box.

The Black Le Blender is priced at £159.00, with the Silver priced at £199.00 – available now from Go-Electrical.

Drawing on the popularity of the original Magimix Vision toaster, they have now released a Red, Brushed steel and a Cream version, so it is suitable for every kitchen.

The Magimix Vision toaster allows you to defrost, warm and toast most types of bread, bagels, croissants, buns, teacakes, crumpets, brioche and waffles whilst being able to see through the glass. It is the world’s first see-through toaster, and means that you will never have burnt toast again – you can watch your bread as it toasts to ensure it is just the way you like it, and it will keep kids entertained at breakfast time.

Available from Go-Electrical, prices start from £144.90