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Outdoor Sounds by Soundcast

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
Soundcast Outcast Wireless Speaker

Soundcast Outcast Wireless Speaker

The daffodils are out, it’s official, spring is here and summer is on the way.

If you’re looking forward to barbecues and outdoor parties then the Soundcast Outcast wireless speaker could be the ultimate garden accessory for you. An outdoor speaker which you don’t have to remember to bring at the end of the night.

It’s big, at a metre tall it is robust and feels like it’s built to last. Although it is called portable we don’t think you’ll be moving it around much as it weighs 40lbs. It has an internally charged battery pack which will last 10 hours per charge and the unit can continue to work if it’s plugged in. The Outcast comes with an iCast docking station (which can also be used to charge the your iPod.

It is completely weather proof (outer is plastic) so you don’t need to worry about bring it indoors in the event of a shower, Soundcast have demo’ed this by putting it through a carwash and it kept playing.

As well as coming with an iCast docking station (which isn’t weather proof so lave it indoors) the Outcast includes the ability to remote control the ipod from the speaker. You can also jack a player directly into the Outcast, handy if you want to use one of your guests’ players.

Overall the Outcast’ sound output quality is impressive and it has a great range. If you are looking for an robust outdoor speaker you won’t be going too far wrong with the Outcast. We saw great demand for it last year and we’re expecting the same again this year.

If you’re interested in finding out more have a look at the the product page at: Go-Electrical or check out the Soundcast website.