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Spring Cleaning with Go-Electrical

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


 Our Spring Cleaning offers are online now.

Here at Go-Electrical we know how important it is to have a lovely, clean house but we also know that cleaning isn’t necessarily what you want to be doing when the sun is finally beginning to shine again (sshhhh don’t scare it). We have looked through all our cleaning products and selected some of our most effective cleaning and laundry appliances to help you get that Spring Clean satisfaction. Here’s a closer look at three of the products:

AEG-ATT7920BP-Aptica-Pet-Cylinder-Vacuum-Cleaner-BlueThe AEG Aptica Pet cylinder vacuum is specially designed for pet owners who have to tackle pet hair in their homes. That is battle that can be won with the help of the Aptica’s Pet Turbo nozzle, purpose built to lift hair from furniture, floors and clothing. This vacuum can also help stay on top of any annoying odours in the household as it comes with a special carbon HEPA filter system, which removes up to 99% of allergens.

Samsung VU10F40SBDD Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is designed to make vacuuming your home as hassle free as possible, with it’s ‘Motion Sync’ design, this is probably the most maneuverable vacuum you offer! The unit’s HEPA filtration also helps to remove dust and dirt, however that isn’t all it does. The specially designed filter system is there to capture and hold air-borne allergens and those pesky dust particles, helping to keep your household air hygienically clean.


Lastly for this blogpost, the Rowenta silence steam generator iron makes ironing out creases that bit quicker and easier. Rowenta’s own microsteam 400 stainless steel soleplate means this is a high quality bit of kit, designed for maximum steam output. This allows the the iron to produce 120g of steam per minute, meaning you will be able to easily glide through any pile of ironing you’ve accumulated and wave goodbye to all those creases. Steam generator irons are much more powerful than a standard steam iron, by creating such larger amounts of steam, which pumps constantly and consistently through the iron’s soleplate, they allow you to get through the ironing all the more quickly.

 So have a peruse of our offers, get the house spotless, then get outside and enjoy the Spring!

To take a closer look, and to take advantage of these offers visit the Go-Electrical website now. Keep a close eye on the Go-Website for more appliances and offers coming soon.

Brilliant Bosch – new products

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Bosch is a name that everyone has heard of, and it is a brand that we love. Whether it is a large kitchen appliance such as a dishwasher or built-in oven, or a small appliance such as a kettle or food mixer/processor, Bosch is a name to be relied on, and thankfully they have launched some new products for us to fall in love with. Yipee!

Before I start filling you in on the product details and specs, I need to first let you know about ‘The Winning Line’. This is a new initiative launched by Bosch and the products that fit into ‘The Winning Line’ range all feature user-friendly features and are energy efficient;

“‘The Winning Line’ range has been designed to showcase some of our best technological ideas and innovations at an amazing price point.”    


Three of the new products I want to tell you about are part of ‘The Winning Line’, and these are the Ultimate Bosch steam generator iron, the Pro Power bagless vacuum cleaner and the White Styline Food Mixer.

The Ultimate Bosch steam generator iron is a very cleaver iron and this is down to its unique automatic ironing setting. Ever get annoyed that your iron temperature needs altering for different garments? Well the automatic settings mean that you can iron a silk blouse straight after your denim jeans. The iron also features an auto shut-off so no need to worry about accidents or fires, and an ‘Eco’ button which saves up to 25% energy and up to a 40% water saving. Brilliant!

The Pro Power bagless vacuum features a large three litre use capacity, 2200watt motor and some smart technology;

“The SensorBagless technology combined with the RotationClean system ensures optimum performance for the lifetime of the machine, the RobustAir™ System combines large diameters and high tech materials throughout the machine for maximum airflow and high dust pick up and a Hepa rated Gore filtration system stops dust particles on the filter surface for ease of cleaning”                                                                                                       BoschUK

Being bagless, this vacuum is environmentally friendly. There is no need to buy and dispose of bags, and the filters are washable, reuseable and according to Bosch should last the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.

Improving on the popular food mixer model MUM46A1GB, Bosch has launched the Styline food mixer (MUM52120GB) and it has won the ‘Which? Best Buy’ award for best food processor March 2012. It has a powerful 700W motor, four speed settings and a variety of accessories to make light work of baking tasks. The 3.9litre capacity bowl is perfect for cakes mixtures, bread dough and biscuit mix. It looks pretty good too.

More new products from Bosch include;

The Premier Power Steam Generator ironThe Pet Hair and Carpet bagless vacuum cleanerThe Tassimo T55 hot drinks machine and The Styline Sensor toasters and kettles in Cranberry Red or Gloss Black.

To view the full Bosch range and learn more about the new products, visit the Bosch pages at Go-Electrical. Brilliant products at brilliant prices.

Brilliantly reliable – Miele

Thursday, June 21st, 2012




As some of you may know Miele is a brand that you can depend on. Their vacuum cleaners are one of Go-Electrical’s biggest sellers, and their fridges sell well in our retail shop, J.W Garnett. Being German, the design and build quality of all Miele appliances is outstanding, and consumers seem to agree – Miele has come out top on the 2012 ‘Which? Reliability survey’.

Miele received a reliability score of over 90% in the washing machine, tumble dryer, cylinder and upright vacuum cleaner, freezer, fridge freezer and dishwasher categories. Over 10,000 Which? members completed the survey about appliances that they owned which were up to six years old.

Here at Go-Electrical we have always  known how brilliant Miele products are, which is why we stock them – we also try and be as competitive on price as possible too, meaning that our customers not only get genuine, quality Miele products but they don’t have to break the bank to own them.

Why not visit our Miele homepage and take a look at the products that are available, you never know, you might just turn into a believer too…

Bissell ReadyDry – £50 cashback

Friday, March 20th, 2009
Bissell Ready Dry 79t3e

Bissell Ready Dry 79t3e

Bissell are currently offering £50 cashback to customer’s buying the new Bissell Readydry cleaner purchased before 31st May 2009.

All you need to do is print out your Go-Electrical invoice email as proof of purchase and send it to Bissell by 14th June 2009 by post.

Send your receipt to BISSELL UK, ReadyDry Offer, Emery House, Greatbridge Road, Romsey SO51 0AD.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found in the footer of the Ready Dry website:

Or visit the Go-Electrical website to buy the Ready Dry:

Miele Vacuums 10 year warranty offer for £30

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Miele have just launched a great offer. For just £30 you can buy a 10 years parts and labour warranty directly from Miele. All Miele vacuums already come with a free 2 year manufacturers warranty but you can now extended that to 10 years.

Miele will also send you a free box of Miele dustbags to get you started. All you need to do is buy your vacuum cleaner and then register at

The models that qualify are:

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Bissell PROdry 79T3E comes into stock

Friday, February 20th, 2009
Bissell PROdry79T3E Carpet Cleaner

Bissell PROdry79T3E Carpet Cleaner

The new Bissell PROdry 79T3E Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner priced at £214.90 has just come into stock at Go-Electrical. The new Bissell Carpet Cleaner is suitable for carpets, rugs and upholstery.

The upright design makes carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming. Because you move it around like a standard vacuum it’s great for large surfaces but it also includes a built in nozzle to target trouble spots and stains.

It is a wet cleaner (using hot tap water and solution) which uses a cleaning system more akin to professional cleaners to minimise the amount of water that comes into contact with your carpet. The cleaner has what Bissell describe as a PowerRoller which is designed to use less water. The result is a carpet that is dry in 30 minutes.

We’re expecting this carpet cleaner from Bissell to be a big seller, for more information have a look at the Bissell PROdry 79T3E on our website or contact us for more information.