The Mighty Mini …. and other mighty grand artisan mixers


The Mighty Mini…and Other Mighty Grand Artisan Mixers

Introducing the NEW KitchenAid Mini Artisan Stand Mixer

Did you ever long to buy one of the fabulous and iconic KitchenAid Artsian Stand Mixers and did not have the room to store or display it? Wait no longer!  A hearty welcome to the new KitchenAid Mini Artisan Stand Mixer! With a bijou footprint, 20% smaller and 25% lighter than standard models,  the Mini Mixer will fit snugly into any smart, compact kitchen or utility while still demonstrating that well-loved design that is instantly recognizable.

p160245_10z_5ksm3311xhtDon’t be fooled by its more diminutive size. Heralded as the ‘Mighty Mini’, this appliance still packs a punch with the 250 watt air-cooled direct drive motor, full metal construction and premium finish.  The Mini also has a 3.3 litre mixing bowl which is more than enough to meet all of your baking requirements and can process up to 680 g of all-purpose flour and 8 egg whites (medium).   Not only that, this very neat appliance can be used as the driving hub for all the classic Artisan Mixer attachments so you can branch out to making pasta or using your mixer to slice and dice as well as mix. It’s every bit as fabulous and reliable as its bigger brother. Check out the video clips below to explore some different options.

From a design viewpoint,  the mini is simply a smaller version of the classic artisan stand mixer . It has the same smooth and elegant tilt-head format and is very easy to use and clean. Available in 4 colours you can choose from  2 lively,  vibrant shades – honeydew and hot sauce, or two classic, slightly muted, colours with more than a hint of sophistication -matte black and matte grey.  One things for sure, whichever colour you choose you will not be disappointed with this latest addition to the classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Range. And if you buy one this month get a free KitchenAid pasta roller attachment offers(by redemption) and two free gifts from Go-Electrical with every machine purchase. Just too good to miss!

Not Forgetting the Classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers



Its all happening at KitchenAid. Not only have they  introduced the Mighty Mini but they have adapted their range of original classic mixers. The Artisan 5KSM150 will ultimately be replaced by three new options –  the 5KSM125,  the 5KSM175 and the 5ksm175 Exclusive.   All three of these ‘mighty grand’ mixers have the same classic and beautiful design, original planetary mixing action for more efficient mixing and 10 speed settings. Its the same reliable,  easy-to use Artisan Stand Mixer, compatible with the classic attachments for that complete KitchenAid Artisan experience that you just cannot find elsewhere. The differences fall mainly in the colour range and accessories.  The 5KSM175 Exlusive mixers are available in Chrome, Nickel and Copper for the ultimate in sophisticated baking. Check the summary below to help you make your selection.













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