If you're thinking about buying a new washing machine then don't do it until you've read these tips!

Opting for a quick machine will save you drying time

The quicker your machine spins, the dryer your washing will be at the end of the cycle. This means that you can have fresh new clothes in less time. In order to make the most of it we recommend going for a machine with a minimum of 1600 rpms.

Save money on power by
choosing energy efficient

 When choosing your new washing machine make sure that you select one with a high energy rating and the option for an eco cycle. Anything above A+ is good. The more + signs the better energy rating. Washing on eco in an efficient machine can save you up to 60% on your power bills. A win for you and the environment!

Don’t go bigger than
you need to

In this case we are talking about the capacity of the drum. If you have lots of space in your machine then that is wasting energy and your money. Washing machines typically come with capacities of between 5–13kg. For those who live alone and don’t go mad with their clothes a 5kg machine should be enough whereas we would recommend 10+ for families of 4 or more.

Avoid using your
tumble dyer unless you need it

When you have a washer-dryer, you will probably feel like always setting it to wash and dry. Though this is an easy option it is not good for keeping your clothes looking their best. Colours will fade faster from the heat and they will also lose their shape quicker. Do not put anything delicate on to tumble dry, instead opt to air dry clothes whenever possible.

Use natural fabric

If you have sensitive skin, you may already be avoiding fabric softeners. They can be full of chemicals which are bad for both the environment and your skin. To keep your clothes soft a more natural alternative is vinegar. It is non-toxic, perfume free and will leave your clothes super soft.

Use lemon juice to
shift difficult perspiration stains

If you have some
clothes that are suffering from a little discolouration try dabbing lemon juice
and baking soda on the stains before washing. Bear in mind that it is better to
do this when the stains are fresh, stains that have been washed in can be
almost impossible to shift without bleach.

Line dry anything you
want to iron

Giving your washing a really good shake and hanging it out to dry will make clothes so much easier to iron. If you tumble dry them and leave them in a scrunched pile you are making your life and your ironing so much harder !

Wash items inside out
to avoid streaks

If you are noticing the
colours of your darker clothes are looking streaked with lightness this can be
caused by friction inside of the washing machine rubbing away the dye. Avoid it
by turning your clothes inside out before the wash. This is also the only way
to make sure that your jeans last in the best condition.

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