If you own a Polti Steam Cleaner you'll most likely have chosen it for its superior cleaning power. We've got a few insider tips to help you get the best from your cleaner.

If you haven't already read it then check out our 'Looking after your cleaner tips'.

Tip 1 - Efficient Carpet Cleaning
When cleaning carpets use the steam in one direction, then go over it in both directions to remove the dirt from the surface.

Tip 2 - Combat Allergies with Polti
Steam the air in your home by simply releasing steam into the room. By steaming the air you can reduce allergens and pollen by 86%. Be sure to vacuum up the particles after, as the dust & allergen particles settle on to the floor.

Good for people suffering from asthma or hay fever.

The small upholstery nozzle can be used on mattresses to reduce dust bites and allergens by 96%. The steam can penetrate up to 10 inches so it will clean even the largest mattresses and it can also be clean your pillows.

Tip 3 - Use a sock for cleaning upholstery *
Polti socks help to protect the surface you're cleaning and give better results. When cleaning upholstery use a sock and hold directly on to the surface for best results.

To clean leather, hold the cleaner 14 inches above the surface.

You can buy a pack of six socks for £8.49.

(please note that all prices are correct at time of publication but are subject to change, for up to date prices please visit www.go-electrical.co.uk).

Tip 4 – Use the concentrator accessory for degreasing
Steam alone can dissolves grease on contact, no chemicals needed, making it good for cleaning ovens, cooker hood filters and other kitchen appliances. If your Polti didn't come with a concentrator accessory you can buy one here.

Tip 5 – Remove stains by angling
To remove small stains from carpets hold the concentrator accessory at an angle to the carpet and “catch” the dirt on a Polti large cotton cloth.

You can buy a pack of 4 Polti Cotton Cloths for £8.49.

Tip 6 – Use on parquet flooring too
On parquet floors lower the steam setting and use 2 socks to prevent damaging the glue holding the floor together.

You can buy a pack of six socks for £8.49.

Tip 7 – Don't forget the bathroom
Steam will remove black mould from bathroom suites**.

Tip 8 – Windows and Mirrors
Steam cleaning your windows and mirrors leaves a streak free finish as there are no chemicals, just water.

Polti have a window cleaning accessory kit to make light work of your windows for £25.49.

Tip 9 – Turn your steam cleaner into a professional ironing system
Buy the Polti Ironing System and turn your steam cleaner*** into a professional ironing system. Tthe ironing board is provided with a heated suction and blowing surface to obtain professional ironing results at home.

The Polti Ironing System is available to buy at £439.90

* Patch Test first for any fading on both leather and material upholstery
**Once mould penetrates the acrylic, steam will only be able to remove the top surface of mould.
***Iron attachment fits all models apart from 950.