polti logoPolti steam cleaners offer superior cleaning results using a super heated steam system. The steam is heated to 120C*, which means it is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.  And because they only use water Polti steam cleaners are cheap and efficient to run. To keep your Polti steam cleaner running efficiently we've got some top tips

Tip 1 – Use Kalstop

Polti cleaners are really easy to use and look after, the only thing you should regularly add to the water is Kalstop. Kalstop helps to reduce the build up of limescale by leaving a protective seal around the boiler and accessories which helps steam flow better and keeps appliances running efficiently.

Kalstop also gives you a better clean because it removes the oxygen from the water, making the steam drier.

Polti recommend using 1 capsule of Kalstop per litre of water in the traditional boiler. or 1 capsule per 5 litres of water for continuous refill boilers (a litre of water creates 1000L of steam, about an hour of cleaning).

(If you have a model with an LCD screen then look out for the spanner symbol, it usually means that Kalstop is needed)

You can buy Kalstop for £9.99 for 20 capsules. Visit the Go-Electrcial website to buy Kalstop.

Tip 2 - Rinse out the tank

Rinsing the tank out periodically will remove the sediment of the lime scale at the bottom of the tank. Getting rid of it will keep your cleaner running smoothly.

Tip 3 - Watch out for steam escaping

If steam is escaping from the cap it could be due to a white disk (“polo mint”) needing to be replaced or a washer that needs replacing. It doesn't happen very often but they do break down over time.

*Pocket and easy models heat steam to 110° killing 78% of bacteria.