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Le Creuset Active Ball Corkscrew

Le Creuset Active Ball Corkscrew
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Product Description

The Le Creuset active ball corkscrew set in black or brushed nickle can be used on any type of cork or bottle. The corkscrew features Le Creuset’s unique technology to help make opening that bottle of wine simple. After removing the cork with the active ball corkscrew, tightly squeeze the sides of the corkscrew and turn the soft touch handle anti-clockwise. The patented ‘Double-Helix’ pushes the cork off the screw without any fuss.

The matching foil cutter also acts as a stand for the corkscrew itself to stand in; this makes it into one item making it easy for storing.

The Le Creuset corkscrew set is designed to complement other Le Creuset textiles, stoneware and cast iron items in the casserole, storage and breakfast range.

  • 1 piece construction for easy storage
  • Specially designed active ball with double helix screw- for removing the Cork
  • Soft touch panels
  • Flexible body-fits all bottles
  • Foil cutter
  • 5 year guarantee