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Le Creuset WA143 Pourer Aerator Black

Le Creuset WA143 Pourer Aerator Black

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Product Description

The Le Creuset WA143 pourer aerator in black 591380110 is the perfect solution for quick aeration and a drip-free pour. The secret to reducing the harsh tannins is aerating the wine, which in turn brings out subtle rounded flavours. As the wine flows through the WA143's unique aeration system and vents open up flavours and aromas.

The pourer aerator is designed to complement other Le Creuset textiles, stoneware and cast iron items in the casserole, storage and breakfast range.

  • Clean with warm soapy water
  • Fits any bottle
  • Wine swirls into curved slots to mix with the air
  • Central breather hole allows air back into the bottle
  • Drip-free pouring edge
  • 5 Year guarantee