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Cooling Appliances


Be prepared for hot and humid days with our cooling appliances. We have a selection of air purifiers, super cool Dyson fans, dehumidifiers and humidifiers to keep your home happy, healthy and comfy.


We’ve handpicked a selection of top-brand models, so you can be sure your cooling appliance is built to last. 


Dyson Fans


The new Dyson Air Multipliers and Hot + Cool Fans are perfect for the home and workplace. Futuristic, compact and stylish, these fan heaters can be used all year round. These multi-use appliances will keep you snug in winter and make summer working more bearable.


With no blades, these fans offer a smooth and silky air flow and are incredibly easy to clean. Dimmer switch controls allow you to adjust the flow of air to the perfect setting. You can keep the entire room cool or target a certain area with the handy tilt feature.


Air Multiplier technology™ draws in air, amplifying it by up to 18 times for uninterrupted air flow.  




Air Purifiers


Our air purifiers are the perfect solution for a clean, clear and healthy home. These clever devices improve the quality of air in your home by reducing pollutants and allergens. If you suffer from asthma, allergies and respiratory problems, an air purifier can really help.


DeLonghi air purifies and ionisers offer triple air filtration, keeping out dust and small particles for the best possible indoor climate. The carbon filters also remove any unpleasant odours and the compact design takes up very little floor space.


With the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, DeLonghi air purifiers are extremely beneficial to allergy sufferers.






Excess moisture can cause mould and mildew, making your home feel stuffy and unbearable. Our Ebac Dehumidifiers are perfect for maintaining the correct level of humidity.


Many models are available with drainage kits so you don’t have to think about emptying the water tank. Specially designed for UK and EU climates, our dehumidifiers have a switch-and-forget setting so they automatically adjust to suit the weather and atmosphere in your home.



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