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Ebac 3850E Dehumidifier White

Ebac 3850E Dehumidifier White
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Product Description

The Ebac 3850E dehumidifier in white is suitable 4-5 bedroomed homes. It features Ebac's patented technology 'SMART Control' this monitors the humidity in the air and will adjust itself accordingly, without the need for manual operation. The cost of running this appliance will be reduced greatly as the dehumidifer is only switched on when necessary.

Water is extracted much faster with an Ebac this is down to the 'hydrophilic coils'. These specially designed coils allow the water to run off the coils, into the water collection tank at a much faster rate than dehumidifers with standard coils.

High humidity in the air can cause mould and mildew to grow; dehumidifiers are used to reduce the level of humidity in the air to help prevent this.

Ebac dehumidifiers are designed and built in the UK for the UK and European climate. This means that the dehumidifer will perform at its optimum level for our weather conditions.


  • Smart ControlTM Technology
  • Intelligent Defrost System
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Container full light with Automatic cut off
  • Suitable for up 5+ bed homes (210m2, 420m3)
  • Minimum operating temperature of 3C
  • Optimised for UK operation
  • Maximum Extraction: 21 litres per day
  • Water Tank Capacity 3.5 Ltr