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Laundry & Cleaning


We offer a wide selection of handpicked home cleaning and laundry appliances. Upgrade your essential cleaning accessories and keep your home sparkling with our top brand products.


Home Cleaning

  • Washing Machines: These days, washing machines do so much more than simply wash your clothes. Our freestanding models are designed with advanced technology and have many handy features to help make the chore easier.  

The Miele W5000 Series Front Loading Washing Machine has an eye-catching, timeless design that will suit any kitchen or utility room. This effective, modern machine can remove the toughest stains and has an A+ energy efficiency rating, meaning you can wash as many garments as you like without worrying about the environment.


  • Tumble Dryers: We stock a wide range of freestanding tumble dryers. Vented tumble dryers blow damp air out through a venting pipe which should be place through an outside wall or open window. Condenser dryers convert the damp air back into water, which is then stored and should be emptied after each load.  

Our vented and condenser dryers have a range of convenient features, including low temperature modes and anti crease technology. Our slimline models are energy efficient and take up very little floor space.



Cleaning Solutions

 We offer a range of effective cleaning solutions and formulas which are not available on the high street.


  • Floor Cleaning Solutions: The Bissell Lavender Essence Formula is perfect for freshening up all hard floors and carpets. Simply pop the solution into your deep cleaning machine and watch your carpet sparkle. 


  • Polti Cleaning Solutions: We are part of a select group of Polti authorised retailers. This means we can offer some of the best products on the market, including Polti antibacterial formulas which keep all surfaces squeaky clean and hygienic.  


Cleaning Accessories

Take a look at our fantastic cleaning accessories, including many handy attachments for your vacuum. Proud car owners will love the Dyson Accessories Car Cleaning kit and the red Henry Micro Airo Brush will brighten up your household chores.