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Cylindrical Vacuums

Floor vacuums are convenient and stylish devices that are ideal for cleaning a wide range of areas. Clean your stairways, carpets, hard floor surfaces, upholstery and car interiors with our top brand floor vacuums


Floor Vacuum Cleaners

We have handpicked some of the best floor vacuum cleaners on the market and supply a wide variety of models to suit you and your home.


Girls will love the Polti Special Parquet floor vacuum cleaner in hot pink. This compact, bright model has a wide range of features designed to make cleaning fun and easy. The Polti floor vacuum cleaner also has a no touch system, allowing you to empty the collection tank without touching the contents. Washable filters also help prevent impurities, pollen and dust mites.  


Homes and businesses will adore the Numatic Henry Micro floor vacuum cleaner. Henry is famous for his good looks, but underneath his stylish exterior lies a powerful, reliable vacuum cleaner. The Numatic Henry also now comes with a mircofiltrex system.    

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