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Polti Vaporella Power System Ironing System PLGB0031

Polti Ironing System Vaporella Power System PLGB0031

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Weight (kg)
Continuous steam regulation (g/min)
Steam pressure (bars)
2 Year

Product Description

The Polti Vaporella Power System PLGB0031 is an ironing system designed for domestic use the ironing board is provided with a heated suction and blowing surface to obtain professional ironing results at home.

The ironing board has a sturdy and solid metal structure, an easy height adjustment device and a broad working surface, which is a perfect complement to the iron's powerful steam. The heating function dries the fabrics and makes the ironing easier, faster and effortless. The suction keeps the fabric stuck to the board, preventing the formation of creases which rise up easily with traditional ironing boards. The blowing function inflates delicate fabrics so that it is possible to iron over with steam power only. Vaporella allows you to achieve perfect ironing, saving time and effort. With professional iron it is not necessary to press or iron over repeatedly but just let the iron slide gently on the fabric. Thanks to its pressure,

Vaporella's steam penetrates into the fibres of the fabric eliminating any crease at its first passing. Steam is so powerful that you can even iron more than one ply of fabric at once.


  • Integrated iron with a professional ironing board
  • Heating, blowing and suctioning board
  • Manual cable winder
  • Castors