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Polti Vaporetto AirPlus Steam Cleaner PTGB0057

Polti Vaporetto AirPlus Steam Cleaner PTGB0057

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Weight (kg)
Steam cleaner
Steam pressure (bars)
Continuous steam regulation (g/min)
2 Year

Product Description

The Polti Vaporetto AirPlus steam cleaner PTGB0057features an innovative handle design. The handles features a special tank for Frescovapor solution. The new Frescovapor solution combined with the power of steam helps to neutralize bad smells and odours rather than masking them.

With 3 bar pressure and a 1.6 litre boiler capacity, this steam cleaner is one of the most compact of the Polti Vaporetto steam cleaners. Ideal for smaller households or if you have limited storage space.

Water becomes steam when heated to around 100°C, only when heated to 120°C or more under high pressure will water produce 'neutral' steam. This helps to penetrate dirt providing a deeper clean. The high temperature helps to kill bacteria, dust mites, germs and fungi. The Polti Vaporetto AirPlus steam cleaners clean with the strength of steam alone, eliminating inhalation and contact with chemicals found in cleaning products.

We highly recommend that you use Polti Kalstop anti-limescale solution with your steam cleaner. Kalstop helps prevent the build-up of limescale within the steam cleaner itself and the accessories. Using Kalstop will help to prolong the life of your Polti steam cleaner machine and keep it running more smoothly.

TOP TIP: using warm water will help to speed up the time it takes for the steam cleaner to heat up.

Features - 

  • NEW air freshner dispenser to give a final touch of freshness at the end of cleaning
  • FrescoVapor neutralizes odours rather than masking them
  • On-board compartment for storing accessories
  • System pressurized boiler with safety cap
  • Max. pressure 3 bar
  • Steam output up to 85g/min
  • Steam adjustment
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Boiler volume 1.9L
  • Use capacity 1.6L
  • Steam ready indicator
  • Parking system
  • Boiler power 1800 W
  • Max. power 1800 W
  • Dimensions -  39cm (W) x 25cm (D) x 29cm (H)

Accessories included - 

  • Big brush
  • Small brush
  • Extension tubes
  • Small accessory adaptor
  • Small brush adaptor
  • Accessory kit - 1x large round brush, 1x brass bristled brush and 2x curved tips for use with the steam lance
  • Window cleaning tool
  • Brush cloths
  • Water jug
  • Water funnel
  • Frescovapor